The Tales of Little Purple – Part 6

by Night Blade*

Hi there, Little Purple is back. He’s finished his time of mourning, and now it’s back to the business of telling his story. So let’s be on with it then!

LittlePurple6Little Purple looking out – illustration by Rayvensclaw

It’s Time!

In the days and weeks that followed
Many eyes did watch and follow Little Purple about.
It seemed that no change was still the order of the day.
But unbeknownst to them Little Purple was giving himself a talking to.

If you listened carefully and listened long,
You might just have heard a little voice so quiet
Going on and on that it wasn’t fair, not fair at all
And what’s a little dragon to do!

It finally came to Little Purple
That much as he had loved his Uncle George so dear
It was Uncle George’s fault
That Little Purple had had such a terrible fright.

So Little Purple gathered his courage so shredded
And resolved that no matter what!
If it took till his dying day,
He was going to go out of this dragon cave so large.

As each day went by
As each day went on
Little Purple walked closer and closer to that opening so huge.
But not once did he fly.

He found a little fissure
At this cavern’s mouth so large
And then he peaked through
To that outside world so huge.

He quaked and shivered, shivered and quaked
And all those fears rushed back
But with great and mighty determination
He plodded forth.

He found himself on a little ledge
High up on a hill so large
With sky so blue
And no one else about.

For days without number, days without score
Little Purple came to his little ledge and sat and watched about
And at last he knew in his heart of hearts
That he must fly again.

So he called for a counsel small
And got a counsel large.
He asked for volunteers and nearly got trampled in the rush
For what he had asked for were dragons so huge
To hold his harness in that big wide world so large.

It was pointed out, with a quiet shout
That it had been nearly a year
Since last Little Purple flew
So what was he going to do!

Little Purple set himself the task
Of exercising his wings so tiny
Till at last one day he flew again
Around this dragon’s cavern so large
And all the other dragons gave a mighty shout
Which quite blew Little Purple about.

Then it was on for young and old
As to who was going to hold
The harness for Little Purple
On his first day out.

Text & Illustration © 2010 Night Blade & Rayvensclaw

* Night Blade was previously known as Amethyst when this story was first published in Axis Mundi eMagazine. “The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.

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