The Tales of Little Purple – Part 4

The Great Intention Disaster

by Night Blade*

One day as a great treat
Uncle George decided to take Little Purple
Out to the mouth of the Dragon’s Cavern
Out to the big wide world so large

So he took Little Purple
Out to that big wide mouth so large
And what do you think would happen
With this mighty dragon so little

Why Little Purple took one look
At this big wide world so large
And his little heart quaked and shaked
At a site so huge

He quickly flew into the shelter
Of Uncle George’s wings
And hid his head in fright
At what a terrifying site.

He had hidden himself so well
Within these old wings so large
That it took Uncle George some time
To find the very frightened Little Purple

As he pulled him out by that wretched harness
Uncle George said “now, now, Little Purple”
And patted and soothed him much
But to no avail

So he took the quivering, quaking bundle
That was Little Purple
Back inside the Dragon Caverns
His wonderful treat a failure

LittlePurpleHiding2Illustration by Rayvensclaw

Sometimes the very best of intentions goes horribly wrong, poor Little Purple & poor Uncle George. Bye Bye from Uncle George (Little Purple was hiding under the bedcovers & wouldn’t come out to tell this story).

Text & Illustration © 2009 Night Blade & Rayvensclaw

* Night Blade was previously known as Amethyst when this story was first published in Axis Mundi eMagazine. “The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.

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