The Tales of Little Purple – Part 3

by Night Blade*

I originally introduced you to a cute little fellow called Little Purple (Part 1) and then a couple of months later he hatched (Part 2). Well he’s still with me and here’s a further instalment of his life.

Look I Can Fly

Little purple had obstacles mighty to overcome
Not only were his sisters and brothers many times his size,
But his mother and father dwarfed them all.
His food had to be rendered tiny and his sleeping space too.
And yet he gained the courage
After being tipped out of his shell
To begin to explore the Dragon caverns,
Their nooks and crannies so large
That any time a dragon sneezed or snorted
He was blown back to where he started,
And yet he persisted.
That over the days and weeks to come
He knew the Dragons Caverns so well
As none before had done.

He found Uncle George’s long lost golden shell
When everyone else had failed
And he found the lost pearl from his mother’s necklace
That had been lost for many a year.
Which made his father cheer.

It seemed to be that’s what he’d be
A finder for all the little things
That everyone keeps losing.
To keep him safe within the Caverns seemed to be the best,
For how could one so small
Survive in a world so huge.

But deep in his heart of hearts
He held a wish so dear
A desire that one so tiny
Should fly off into the wide blue skies.
So he watched and waited
And when no one was looking
He practiced his flying skills.
There were crashes and bashes
That he couldn’t talk about
And scrapes and bangs a many.
But one day to his great delight he flew.

At first he flew in secret
When no one was about,
But then one day Uncle George found out
And his secret was a secret no more.

They pondered long
And they pondered hard
On what to do,
For they worried that if he flew
Among the Dragons so large
A sleeping Dragon might just inhale him!

Oh what to do! Oh what to do!

So they talked long and they talked hard
On what was best to be
And in the end there was only one thing
That they could agree.

They put a harness on Little Purple,
Much to his disgust.

Little-Purple-disgustedIllustration by Rayvensclaw

The next instalment is about how good intentions can go wrong, so till then, bye-bye from Little Purple.

Text & Illustration © 2009 Night Blade & Rayvensclaw

* Night Blade was previously known as Amethyst when this story was first published in Axis Mundi eMagazine. “The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.

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