The Tales of Little Purple – Part 2

by Night Blade*

Little Purple is still with me and growing up quite nicely, so here’s another piece of his life for all the world to read. (See Part 1 here.)

Little-Purple-in-eggLittle Purple illustration by Rayvensclaw

I’ve Hatched

What’s a little fellow to do?
My brothers and sisters are so big and scary
If I move they’ll squash me
If I don’t move they’ll squish me
Oh dear, oh dear, what am I to do.

Before I cracked my shell
I was knocked and bashed about
So now as I look around
I see their bodies so huge
I’m just aquiver with terror and fright
At what they might do
I just daren’t leave my shell
Oh dear, oh dear, what’s going to happen to me!

With a thunder so huge I was deafened
With a rumble so large it shook my shell
My brothers and sisters charged off
And left me behind in the fragments of their shells

Eek, ouch, ooh, argh; eek, ouch, ooh argh,
It hurts it hurts,
The pain, the pain
How am I going to get through
These shells so huge
And where oh where am I going
When I can’t see where I’ve been.

My tummy’s rumbling
My throat’s so dry
I’ll never get out of these shells
Perhaps I’ll die!

With a swish and a whoosh
His father’s arm so large
Grabbed Little Purple out of the rubble
Setting him down
On a bed so soft and large
He fell straight through.

Text & Illustration © 2009 Night Blade & Rayvensclaw

* Night Blade was previously known as Amethyst when this story was first published in Axis Mundi eMagazine. “The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.

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