The Dragons Eye ~ A Dragon Summoning Spell


The Symbolic attributes of The Dragon which it will be necessary to utilize for the CALLING, are listed as follows:

Weapon = SWORD

Planet = MARS

Element = FIRE


Metal = GOLD (IRON may be substituted)

Number = 2


Now, to CALL THE DRAGON according to the formula found in the Book of Pherylt, execute the following steps:

1) Choose a secluded clearing outdoors, preferably high on a hill or mountaintop (such high places are sacred to the Dragon).

2) Cast a circle of 12 stones, using your own height as a diameter. Spread iron or gold filings lightly within. (Remember if you can’t find something from the spell, symbolism works well in a pinch too!)

3) With THE SWORD (or symbolic representation thereof), etch the DRAGONS EYE symbol onto the ground within the circle. The site is now ready for use.

4) At DAWN or HIGH NOON or DUSK (the three threshold times sacred to the Dragon), enter the circle and burn DRAGON’S BLOOD resin upon coals you kindle therein.

5) When ready, stand in the very center of the Dragon’s Eye and hold the SWORD with both hands high over head – point downward.

6) THRICE intone, with a voice loud and powerful, the GRAND EVOCATION OF THE DRAGON: “Cum saxum saxorum In duerssum montum oparum da, In aetibulum In quimatum – DRACONIS!”

7) PLUNGE the sword deep into the earth where lies the Dragon eye (AKA putting the sword into the stone) in one swift motion.

8) BE SEATED in the center of the EYE, legs crossed around the sword.

9) Close your eyes and await the coming of the Dragon.

(Its presence may become known in numerous ways & states. To BANISH the Dragon-presence, simply remove the sword from the earth. WARNING: do not depart the protective circle, until the “sword has been removed from the stone”)

This spell is from: The 21 Lessons of Merlyn ~ Douglas Monroe