The Dragons Eye ~ A Dragon Summoning Spell


The following is an excerpt from “The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic and Lore” by Douglas Monroe — Chapter XIV – THE DRAGON’S EYE.

“In DRAGON’S ISLE (in Chapter XIII), there are several references to a Rite whereby the power of The Dragon may be summoned to appear — its presence, or spirit evoked. Now exactly what is meant by ‘The Dragon?’ This question may at first appear confusing, since it is jointly stated in the story, that no actual living Dragons were left in Britain. The answer is, in short, that the Druids viewed the entire energy system of the Earth as a single manifestation of The Dragon — calling the magnetic ley lines which criss-cross the surface of the globe ‘Dragon Lines.’ The Earth itself generated these lines of force, and at certain sacred points where this energy coiled and twisted to the surface, (such as at Glastonbury Tor, Dragon’s Isle/Wight, Snowdonia & etc.), great occult power was to be found there. Often times such sites were marked by Menhirs (standing stones) or groups of stones (like at Stonehenge). In any event, this was the ‘Dragon Energy’, and the whole Earth was viewed as the Body of the Dragon. And this Dragon is just as alive today, as in the Time of Legends.”

The Symbolic attributes of The Dragon which it will be necessary to utilize for the CALLING, are listed as follows:

  • Weapon = SWORD
  • Planet = MARS
  • Element = FIRE
  • Incense = DRAGONS BLOOD
  • Metal = GOLD (IRON may be substituted)
  • Number = 2
  • Symbol = DRAGON’S EYE

Now, to CALL THE DRAGON according to the formula found in the Book of Pheryllt, execute the following steps:

1) Choose a secluded clearing outdoors, preferably high on a hill or mountaintop (such high places are sacred to the Dragon).

2) Cast a circle of 12 stones, using your own height as a diameter. Spread iron or gold filings lightly within. (Remember if you can’t find something from the spell, symbolism works well in a pinch too!)

3) With THE SWORD (or symbolic representation thereof), etch the DRAGONS EYE symbol onto the ground within the circle. The site is now ready for use.

4) At DAWN or HIGH NOON or DUSK (the three threshold times sacred to the Dragon), enter the circle and burn DRAGON’S BLOOD resin upon coals you kindle therein.

5) When ready, stand in the very center of the Dragon’s Eye and hold the SWORD with both hands high over head – point downward.

6) THRICE intone, with a voice loud and powerful, the GRAND EVOCATION OF THE DRAGON: “Cum Saxum Saxorum, In duersum montum oparum da — In Aetibulum, In quinatum: DRACONIS!”

7) PLUNGE the sword deep into the earth where lies the Dragon eye (AKA putting the sword into the stone) in one swift motion.

8) BE SEATED in the center of the EYE, legs crossed around the sword.

9) Close your eyes and await the coming of the Dragon.

(Its presence may become known in numerous ways & states. To BANISH the Dragon-presence, simply remove the sword from the earth. WARNING: do not depart the protective circle, until the “sword has been removed from the stone”)

“As a symbol of power & authority, it is recorded that the Pheryllt Priests once wore golden DRAGON’S EYE’S upon High Holy Days. The EYE may also be used with great success as a GATEWAY according to the outline in appendix #13. There are many possible versions of the Rite of Dragon-Call, as it may even be successfully performed indoors, and the symbol created upon floor or cloth; small stone circles can easily be set-up indoors, and work fairly well there. Be creative, as ‘inspiration’ is a quality traditionally seen as a gift of the Dragon!”

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic & Lore ~ p263 of 1st edition, 16th printing, 2004.
Note the spelling of ‘Dranconis!’ instead of ‘Draconis!’ (???!)

Source: This spell is from: “The 21 Lessons of Merlyn” by Douglas Monroe, and can be found online in a number of places including…
Introductory and closing paragraphs and image from the book are from pp 263, 274 & 276.

Screenshots of an earlier version of this page here on Dragon Dreaming have also been used on Douglas Monroe’s own New Forest Centre website at 🙂

NOTE: 30/04/2017 ~ I came across some extremely negative reviews of The 21 Lessons of Merlyn — the book (which I have not read) from where this spell originates. According to the reviewers the book is full of factual inaccuracies. Even so, use of the spell independently of whatever else is in the book may still give satisfactory results, or it could be used as inspiration to write your own spell. Words and actions in ritual are tools to help direct and focus your will and intent so if following the steps laid out in the spell above helps you to focus, then go for it. What works for some people may not work for others — it’s all very subjective. Even though I found this spell and published it here over 4 years ago I have not personally used it, but if I do I will most likely blog about my experience. I include many things here on my website which I feel may be useful in one’s practice of the Dragon Path which is always evolving.
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