The Dragon Healing

The following account of a Dragon Healing ritual is reproduced here with kind permission of the author, Mark Nelson. It is more of a narrative of what happened as opposed to an actual ritual. If it happens that anyone performs this ritual on their own, we would like to know what they thought of it, so please feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this page.

The Mystic Order of the Purple Dragon
Elders Class

Held on October 13, 2005
(10 members present)

~ The Dragon Healing ~

by Mark Nelson

Write the name of the individual to be healed on a piece of paper and place it on the table or use a picture of them.

The operation:

We did several healings –

The method was to write person’s name on a card and / or place a picture of that person into an envelope and put that envelop on the table or altar. We then send energy to this image. Did two people visualizing the body, then the disease in the body, then physically – astrally scooping out the diseased portion of the image that is visualized.

M then places an image of T on the table; he has a drug addiction problem. We visualized the body as before. But it seemed that more was needed as I couldn’t make the image stabilize. So I visualized the five elements:

Spirit: To fill what is missing from his spirit

Air: To bring wisdom and understanding so that he will know how to overcome his problem.

Fire: To give him the energy to overcome the problem and to overcome the bad effects.

Water: To cool, calm and wash away [and to stabilize emotions]

Earth: Herbs to heal, energies to heal.

I was in the East facing the West when, surprisingly Dragons arrived for me in numbers.

Three small dragons appeared over my left shoulder and two more over my right shoulder. The feeling was that they were curious. Their words appeared in my mind:

“What do we do?”

I then took an odd 3rd person point of view from the South East. I could see me in the North East-ish and the Dragons in the East. I was surprised that the Dragons spoke to me as I rarely ever hear things in this domain. I quickly regained my composure and said,

“Help me heal him.” I said while pointing to the image of T on the table. All the Dragons then jumped into the image of T and everything disappeared.

It seemed to me that the Dragons were young due to their size, quickness and energy. I am told by those with more experience than I that the young ones are very curious and quick whereas the older ones are very wise, but slower. Size however is not necessarily a discriminating factor between young and old as the larger – older Dragons can scale themselves smaller to accommodate the situation if necessary (after all they are Magickal creatures).

If the five Dragons who appeared to me had been in quarter colors, I would have immediately recognized them as elemental representatives. However, as they were a fairly uniform gray (possibly I was not seeing in color in that mental state), I did not initially assume their elemental status. However, after the ritual I thought things over and because I was working with the five elements and that five dragons appeared, then I concluded that they were indeed elemental representatives after all.


Sometime later we found out that T had recovered from his addiction and had been clean and sober for some time. He had even gone so far as to tell his wife, who was apparently responsible for his involvement in the drugs, that if she didn’t quit he would leave her. Ultimately he did just that.