The Draco Codes


by Soluntra King, from

The name Draco is Latin for Dragon and it is a far northern constellation, the star Thuban (Draconis) was the northern pole star around 2700 BC, during the time of the ancient Egyptians and due to the effects of precession, it will once again be the pole star around the year 21 000 AD. Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degrees Sagittarius on December 20th each year.


The Draco Codes are important at this time in our evolution as we are now almost ready for our Earth and Solar System to move through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Draco and Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer, the new gatekeepers are seen all the time in the heavens rather than the Hunter, Orion. The Draco codes are here to assist in the next step of the great shift, the old initiation being through Orion and the 11:11 doorway of oneness; the journey of unifying duality within and acceptance and love of self. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The cosmic egg/dragon egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now.

At the opposite side of the heavens to Orion is Ophiuchus the thirteenth sign in the zodiac and beyond Draco the dragon, our ancestors and creators of our world. The Dragons have been the guardians and created the crystalline grid, the serpents hold the earth wisdom and life force energy. The vortexes from the source to the dimensional worlds and through us and our energy bodies, chakras, central channel, meridians, acupressure points and the earth vortexes all one, as the dimensional worlds merge as they are right now.

We have been touching into the Photon Belt of Light through the Central Sun Alycone now since 1982, that aligns us back through our hearts and into the higher dimensional Earth and higher dimensional self. Some say to the fifth dimension. But the shift is taking those who are open to the sixth dimension through the light within, the selfless eternal light, as we then open to the unified matrix of the seventh dimension and complete creation as we know it. The fifth dimension being where we have accepted ourself and surrendered into our self, the divine essence within illuminates us, guided by the inner voice and operating in co-operation with all living things and aware of the oneness of all life. That flows onto the sixth dimension where we experience our oneness with all life as light and vibrating at higher frequencies of light due to peace within and wholeness, the body is light and able to move in liquid light plasma, beyond time and space. The Mayan built the pyramids to show the nine underworlds of consciousness we journey through, and as we get to the top of the pyramid, the temple there is aligned to Alycone the Central Sun.

Please see information on “Mayan Calendar” under “COSMIC EVENTS” and also “Latest News”


Draco may seem archaic to some as it is the place of our ancestors and long forgotten as the Earth shifted last time and the memories of the time before slowly faded into myths and stories. But now with us about to move through the centre of our Galaxy, the no breathe point, the void, zero point, the light-wave pulses that illuminate creation as we know, and shown to us in the Mayan Calendar, and depicted in the Mayan pyramids have been mapped out to us by the light ones who have been here before. They have been working with the cycles and returned to light. Please see initiation in the Mayan pyramid where I had a physical experience of moving beyond fear and into my light body fully in the pyramid of the Sun, aligned to Alycone at Becan.

Now we are returning home to ourself and as the Earths axis shifts, we no longer see Orion and the dramas of duality that was our old initiation and for many still is. But once unified we move through the doorway of oneness and to the other side of the heavens Ophiuchus the serpent bearer; the ascended one, the kundalini ignited and the light body fully activated, and beyond that Draco the mother/father love, the guardian of our journey and our ancient ancestor. Please do not confuse this with the duality dramas of reptilians and humanoids we are all from the one source and we have all been dancing with duality and power and control dramas. For those who choose to return to the source within and the light that illuminates eternal, which is way beyond Draco and our understandings we move into the love within and the peace, having no fear and beyond the polarised affects and the dark and light.

The constellation of Lyra with the brightest star Wega; the white hole we came through is just above the dragons head in Draco; the founder Goddess/Gods. You may ask where does Sirius our Greater Central Sun come into this? The heart, it is our leading light, the great awakener, and Alycone our Central Sun the catalyst to awaken and align back to the source within.

The Draco Codes have not been filtered onto this planet since the creation of her as a planet and the Council of Ten in the Draco Confederated Alliance that includes the Galactic Federation and Light Councils is preparing to once again sit on Earth. Not as controller or bosses exploiting the Earth but as guardians and wise council who see the bigger picture and are not caught in the lower worlds of power and control, greed and fear. They are anchoring now through human vessels who have chosen this mission.

In order for the shift and change over to take place in an integrated way, then those that have chosen to ground the light codes through their bodies are getting prepared now for this final transition stage. This is not done to anyone, and it is not that anyone is chosen, but simply chose themselves when they wake up enough DNA codes of light in their psyche and bodies. For those who are ready and that was what this last period of time has been, since the Solar Eclipse in January 2009 to the one in July 2009 a great influx of light has come onto the planet and it has stirred up much in all beings. A cleansing and letting go that has been on going for many years, but now it is ready to go to the next level.

Once enough cleansing has taken place, and this does not mean you have to become a breathterian (a person who lives on light not food). It’s the purification of the thoughts and emotions that are the most important areas and then the etheric blueprint transforms into its original form …light.

This is also affecting the water and the living library of light, once the cleansing has completed then the water can really shine and hold the higher light codes. This is something so many of us have been working with for a long time now with the water and light codes in the water, which of course is in us.

The intense phase of the Draco Codes started on the January 26th 2009 Solar Eclipse and will complete this cycle at the Solar Eclipse 15th January 2010. Then at the July 11th Solar Eclipse 2010 the light coming in will be so strong that a great sorting out will take place and all this preparation will be useful to those on the denser realms as they can hold the light coming in and ground it, and also hold it for others as there will be many souls in turmoil as their paradigm are slipping in front of their eyes.

At the June Solstice 2009 the Draco codes intensified and they were initiated more consciously. This was important not for dimensions or anchoring light but now a turning point as the light illuminates fully into the Earth and into the Inner Earth Sun. Its light will bring in the new light codes that at the December Solstice 2009 will flow out through the Earth and the tectonic plates The dolphins and whales are working with the Draco codes and the cities of light and star bases underneath the water and say they will rise when the time is right. There are Draco codings on the buildings and they are glowing, this is all part of stabilising the Earth for the shift and alignment back with Draco and Ophicuhus.


The Draco codes are activating the grids of diamonds through the planet, the Diamond Light Matrix and much work has been happening with the Diamond Light by many light workers for years. This is intensifying now and there are great Diamonds placed in the Earth that are activating, some that I have been aware of and working with recently are in Bangalore India at the Light influx in February March 2009, and Doubtful Sound South Island New Zealand at the March Equinox 2009, just recently at the Central Starmap for the September Equinox in Kauai. Hawaii. Each is placed at a crucial vortex point that is harmonising not only the earth grids, and light and solar grids but also stars in our solar system, galaxy and universe. They have been there since the formation of the crystals and the work of the Dragon people creating the crystalline grid, and now the next stepping up phase of our awakening consciousness as the liquid light plasma illuminates through us in Diamond Lights. Through the chakras and cells, DNA and life force in Diamond radiant prisms of light; that are the energy of creation from the macro to the micro cosmos. Please see my book Light Code Activations for Diamond light activations, and article of the Diamond Light Matrix.

The Draco codes through the Diamond Light Matrix are the highest vibrations of the Draco codes that can illuminate through the earth plane and density to assist in the awakening of the collective consciousness of humanity. The crystals were utilised by the Dragons and linked around and through the Earth to form the crystalline grid. This gave us life as we know it and created the electromagnetic energy field that brings harmony and light back to the physical realm. Now as the Draco codes are activating further, as we make the alignment back into the home within, the diamond within, our home in the stars, we return to the source, the in breathe. The diamond doorway opens so that we can awaken the living library of light within and allow the diamond lights to illuminate our chakras and each and every cell. As we take ourself into the inner planes of Earth and since the 999 the crystal realms within the Earth have activated to the Diamond Light Matrix that has been awakening through the Earth. The diamonds that have been placed around the planet are now awakened and humming and connecting through the Southern Cross doorway of the new paradigm, and through the Draco codes that are flowing through into the Earth light matrix. As we allow ourselves to be the Diamond Light we are, liquid light plasma that is the next step in frequency for the crystalline grid.

The Draco codes contain the serpent life force within them and it is important to transmute the blocked serpent energy within now as the natural world holds the RA light and illuminates it through the grids and energy flows of Earth and our bodies. This is happening now and was not possible before the 999 and September Equinox, with the Central Star Map now connected and the light of the stars able to flow.

Please see the “Diamond Light Matrix” under “NEW EARTH” for more details…


The Ra light from the Second Sun is illuminating through more strongly than before and in preparation for the Thirteenth Gate. The Draco Codes are working on 7th dimensional unified matrix of light and not able to be fully assimilated and seen clearly until each vessel is clear enough to receive the initiation key that will unlock the matrix, ready to receive the frequencies of light that are seeding the new root race. The Draco codes are light and that light has to be sung into existence and grounded through tones and sounds as well as patterns on the Earth at certain sacred places.

At the June Solstice 2009 the Second Sun was activated to another level of our consciousness, that is important as the RA Light illuminates into the Inner Earth Sun, and can more easily be absorbed as the light in the Inner Earth Sun radiates out through the grids. A great clearing took place as the Ra Light of the Second Sun was more fully aligned through the Inner Earth Sun. The new light codes are clearing away the old lower realms of existence and the sixth dimensional light flowing more freely through the grids and also to the places of Earth where those who create the rules and play the illusionary game of power, control and greed are being illuminated, it is getting almost too hot for them to sit in those lower vibrations.

At the August 2009 Solar Eclipse the doorway that was opened at the June 2009 Solstice with the light cities under the oceans did an inside out flip, in the void, the light cities went to Draco and Draco energies have come here. As the energies come through from Draco the worlds merge. The councils of light are holding the beam through all of us connected, and it is so important as we link with everyone and see us all as beams of golden light. The codes go into the oceans and the solar flares are absorbing the negative energies and lower astral muck. The lower astral plane is being cleared out by the solar light, the RA light.

By having awareness of your new self, light self, you are so high frequency no one can hook in and you are invisible to the negative energies operating, you are clear and radiant, holding the unified matrix of light and shining bright. The physical body is whole and healed, light; all bodies light, one body of light.

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