World Dragon Day 2018

WDD-2018-Topaz-Earth-1800(Click image to enlarge)

30th September 2018 — World Dragon Day will be held next Saturday 6th October 2018, so I have created my own poster in honour of the day, as I usually do. 🙂 Continue reading

World Dragon Day 2017


Today is World Dragon Day! 🐉🐲 🙂 …so I made another poster. Continue reading

World Dragon Day 2016

wdd-2016-topaz-1800(Click image to enlarge)

11th October 2016 ~ World Dragon Day will be held on 15th October this year. (See my previous posts at WDD 2014 and WDD 2015 for more info.) As usual I will be taking part by connecting with the energies of the ‘rolling rainbow wave of Dragon energy’ around the world via private meditation at my home. Continue reading

World Dragon Day 2015

This year World Dragon Day will be held on the 24th October (see my post on WDD 2014 for some background info). Once again I will be taking part and ‘tapping into’ the energies of the ‘rolling rainbow wave of Dragon energy’ around the world via private meditation at my home.

There will be a worldwide meditation at 7.00 pm your local time on World Dragon Day. You can join in and connect with people – and Dragons – all over the world! Or you can tune in at 19.00 GMT/UT (7pm local time). Last year, lots of people had wonderful experiences and surprising journeys…!

Rather than make a new rainbow banner I’ve used the same one I made last year (below) and just changed the date. 🙂

WorldDragonDayRainbow2015(Click image to go to WDD website)

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My Earth Dragon Mask, World Dragon Day & Beltane


As I mentioned in my blog post on World Dragon Day, I intended to honour the Dragons that day by starting work on my Earth Dragon mask. With this year being an “Earth year” for me and my Dark Moon Circle one of the banners I made for WDD also reflected that, with a Dragon’s eye peering out of a rock in a bushland setting (the photo was taken across the road from my house). I began the day by setting up my altar in honour of the Dragons and meditated to connect with them, and to hopefully receive some more inspiration for my mask. Continue reading

Messages from the Dragon Realm: An Interview with Russell Chen

MessagesFromTheDragonRealmsOn 25th March 2013 I wrote a blog about “Messages from the Dragon Realm” — a book which I would really like to see published. Unfortunately the initial crowdfunding efforts to raise money for the publication of this beautiful “coffee-table book” were not successful, with only a small portion of the amount needed being raised. However Russell Chen, the man who was inspired to create this book, has not given up hope that this project might still come to fruition! Continue reading

World Dragon Day

11th October 2014 ~ Well, according to one source at least — — October 25th (my wedding anniversary) is also World Dragon Day! 😀


I was curious to find out more about this so I Googled …but couldn’t find anything. So next I checked out a fellow Dragon lover’s Facebook page —  Tysha’s Dragon Hoard. If anyone would have any info about this, she certainly would — and of course she did! Thanks Tysha! 😀 Continue reading