Avalon ~ A Cosmic Power Point

avalon-calling-3The Pagan group I am a part of is very eclectic with practitioners of many diverse paths among its members and we like to introduce different ideas occasionally, to keep things interesting. During 2016 we focussed on Egyptian deities for our full moon and dark moon rituals and in 2017 the spotlight has been on Celtic deities. The theme of our upcoming Beltane Weekend is “Avalon — A Cosmic Power Point”. We will be learning about and tuning into the cosmic energy power points of ancient Avalon through ritual, workshops, pathworking, dancing and drumming, connecting to our own special cosmic power point and creating a crystal grid to heighten our ritual and meditation experiences, and of course we will have our traditional Maypole to dance around. We will be starting off with a fire ritual with the Celtic God Bel and the Spring Maiden on the Friday night and then on the Saturday night we will be doing a different, more primal ritual working with Ahriman — the Persian Adversary. During our meditation when working with Ahriman we will be transforming into therionick bestial forms and hunting out that which is working against us/feeding from us/blocking our progressions etc. We will then be binding that energy to a sacrifice using knot sorcery for the Devas to remove. Continue reading


Through the Scrying Bowl


The southern hemisphere Samhain is very close now and the veils are thinning. I attended a weekend retreat with my Dark Moon circle, held over the last 2 1/2 days. On the night of the Full Moon in Scorpio, with a partial lunar eclipse — 26th April — we called in the Dragons to bless, cleanse and sanctify our circle Continue reading

Hecate’s Dragon

“The Icon of Hecate” (1)

I followed the passageway along in the darkness, until the ceiling got lower and lower and I had to dive head first through a narrow opening that was quickly getting smaller, only just squeezing through before it slammed shut behind me. Continue reading