Disruption to Magick Circles


Sometimes the personal issues of one or more members can interfere with the smooth running of a magickal group (clan, circle, coven, grove etc). Often these problems can be simply due to personality clashes and differences of opinion between members or even plain old rudeness and lack of respect, but at other times it can also involve mental health issues. Continue reading


My Altar

Recently I rearranged my family room where I have my altar to accommodate an extra piece of furniture — another filing cabinet for my personal paperwork etc. My altar has grown over the years from a few statues and figurines on a windowsill, to the top of one filing cabinet  beside my desk and now is spread over the top of two filing cabinets which stand beside each other. My collection of dragon statues has also grown substantially so rather than have them all crammed together in the one area I now have dragons in different places in the room. Here’s a few photos (click to enlarge each one)… Continue reading