The Gate of Blood and Fire

by James Lloyd George

Queen of Witch-fire, Mother of the Lost Threshold, She who holds the key to unlock the Gate of Blood and Fire, I take refuge in your thunderclouds and the darkness rumbling over the sacred burial mounds. My feathers outstretch like fingers drenched in the rich soil of Old Khemet. They are enchanted wings, for they have brought me swiftly to you. Continue reading


The Dragon’s Maw

by James Lloyd George

Behold the shifting guise of our Queen!
Yews twist and turn to trace where she’s been.
for none can unravel her way in the night;
now by the road, now in the blight. Continue reading

Hecate’s Dragon

“The Icon of Hecate” (1)

I followed the passageway along in the darkness, until the ceiling got lower and lower and I had to dive head first through a narrow opening that was quickly getting smaller, only just squeezing through before it slammed shut behind me. Continue reading