Agreeing to Disagree


I have received some interesting communications via this blog over the years but the one shown below beats the lot — for all the wrong reasons! I found it rather amusing, but also quite offensive that someone should be so presumptuous, though not surprising considering the belief system of the person who sent this attempt to proselytize. Religion/spirituality/whatever is all so subjective anyway so what’s the point of trying to convert someone from one unverifiable personal belief to another? And it really is quite rude, no matter how “well-meaning” the intent might be. So, to anyone else who might be tempted to try to “convert” me, please don’t bother. :/   Continue reading


Dragon Portals in 2016

Channelled by Alphedia of the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School on 28/11/2015.


WELCOME ALL!!!!! New message from the dragons today! Continue reading

Dragons, Volcanoes & Tectonic Plates


After my post yesterday about Ouromundi I started thinking again about my Dark Moon group meditation last night. We had all talked about how we had felt “odd” or unsettled over the past few weeks, especially since the eclipses in October (8th and 24th) and many of us had the feeling that something was building up …that we were waiting for something to happen but didn’t know what. Continue reading

A heartfelt thank you…

…to the Dragons, the Morrigan and Hecate for the protection and safe return of a friend’s much loved canine friend who was missing for nearly 3 days …for assistance and partnership in spellwork to help make it happen …and for prayers answered.

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Golden Dragon Healing Order


Tuesday 20th May 2014

While randomly browsing the internet tonight I came across this webpage purely by “accident” (edit 15/12/2016 — page no longer exists — new website is It did look slightly familiar so I checked my  What are Dragons? page, which has information about Dragon Reiki, and found that I had actually added a link on my page to the Connecting Light website a few years ago. Obviously at that time I wasn’t ready to do anything with the information as I never pursued it any further and had forgotten about it.  As I browsed the Connecting Light  site I realised it is based here in Sydney Australia and that there are workshops offered throughout this year! 🙂 I eagerly read all the workshop information and decided that perhaps the distance attunement for Golden Dragon 1 might be more suitable for me (due to pricing and a number of other factors) as I have already received a Reiki 1 initiation (a prerequisite for this course). Continue reading

Imbolc, Brighid & Dragons

Brigid-sacred-flameBrighid’s Sacred Flame on my Altar (click image for more information)

The circle is cast, the Dragons are called individually by the names they gave me previously. First east/air, north/fire, west/water, south/earth, above/light, below/darkness, all-around/spirit. The candles are lit from the sacred flame of Brighid — the Celtic goddess of fire (the forge and the hearth), poetry, healing, childbirth, unity, Imbolc and new beginnings — she is acknowledged and honoured. A request is put to the Dragons and in silence I listen, hoping for a sign, anything.  Continue reading

Is the Biblical Yahweh actually a Dragon?

Destruction of Leviathan by H. Pisan (1822-1890)

I found this interesting topic on the forum. I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with this article, nor have I researched any of the claims listed below to test their veracity. I am just putting it here because it involves Dragons and I find the idea quite intriguing! 😉 The original forum has 31 pages of discussion and debate following this initial posting, which span from Sept 18 2007 to 26 May 2011 (I gave up reading after page 4 and skipped to the end). However, some time during all that discussion the original poster got banned from the forum, lol. Anyway, I present it here for your scholarly appraisal (with images added by me simply ‘cos I liked them)… Continue reading