Dragon Power Healing Workshop


This is an introductory workshop on Dragon Power Healing which is facilitated by Janine Donnellan, in southern Sydney, Australia. Continue reading

Dragon Power

The following information was written by Alexis and is copied from transferencehealing.com/channellings/index/827/6/channellings/dragon-power

It’s time to own the power of the Dragon within.


The Dragon Power Symbol is a symbol of ‘empowerment’ in Transference Healing®. It revitalises the power centre to enable the body to energetically re-nourish and heal. It also protects us against direct psychic attack and counteracts negative feelings or projections against us. It supports us to overcome the limitations of the ego and connect to ‘Divine Will’. It is the lost symbol or key to the Elemental Kingdoms of the Dragon. Continue reading

Coincidence? …or not?

Ever since the Earth Dragon attunement I took part in last Sunday I haven’t felt quite right. I haven’t been sick for ages, yet suddenly, “out of the blue” I get dizzy, light headed feelings, a headache and a very sore throat and feel very washed out and run down. The attunement process was quite exhausting but I didn’t think it could have this sort of effect …or maybe it hasn’t and it’s just coincidence (?) The main problem at the moment seems to involve my throat chakra, which makes sense to me as that’s where I have deep-seated issues about self expression etc. Anyway, it just seems odd that my ill-health should coincide with the attunement… Continue reading