Dragon Weather Dreaming

summon_the_evening_dragon_by_hagge“Summon the Evening Dragon” by Hagge from hagge.deviantart.com/art/Summon-the-evening-dragon-63618486

Just some ramblings that evolved from a few quiet moments spent sitting outside on my verandah on different days, watching the weather, listening and waiting for Dragons, contemplating random thoughts… Continue reading


A Circle of Dragons & Sea, Land, Sky

altar4(Click image to enlarge)

Yesterday I realized my altar was getting a bit dusty so it was time to remove everything and have a thorough clean-up. This was quite a long, involved process due to the crazy amount of stuff I have on the altar (yes, I like shiny things!)  …but I eventually got all the cleaning finished. 😉 Continue reading

Into the Wyrd & The Draig Sidhe Path

WitchsWyrdThe Draig Sidhe Path is an evolving Pagan mystery tradition practicing a unique form of Dragon Magick. This Tradition was co-founded by Parker J. Torrence (author of Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire) and his soul-mate Gwen Wolfrose (aka Kayote) at Beltane 2000. The new website for the Draig Sidhe Path is “The Witch’s Wyrd”.

“Into the Wyrd” is a new school and forum for the Draig Sidhe Path Tradition. The lessons contained within are for those seeking to become members of the Draig Sidhe Path. Continue reading

The Power of Dragon Magick


Over the last couple of months I (and possibly others) have been working some magick with the Dragons to facilitate a homecoming of sorts …a return to a preferred venue for a Pagan group I’m a member of. I found out a few days ago that this work was successful! Woohoo!!! 😀 Thank you Dragons!! ❤ Continue reading

World Dragon Day 2015

This year World Dragon Day will be held on the 24th October (see my post on WDD 2014 for some background info). Once again I will be taking part and ‘tapping into’ the energies of the ‘rolling rainbow wave of Dragon energy’ around the world via private meditation at my home.

There will be a worldwide meditation at 7.00 pm your local time on World Dragon Day. You can join in and connect with people – and Dragons – all over the world! Or you can tune in at 19.00 GMT/UT (7pm local time). Last year, lots of people had wonderful experiences and surprising journeys…!

Rather than make a new rainbow banner I’ve used the same one I made last year (below) and just changed the date. 🙂

WorldDragonDayRainbow2015(Click image to go to WDD website)

Continue reading

Clan Initiate Lessons in Dragon Magick


A few times a year (exact dates still to be decided) the Drachen Magie Vermachtnis Clan will be conducting lessons for those who would like to learn more about Draconic Paganism. Continue reading

A Beacon for Strength & Hope

Honouring the Morrighan and the Dragons and sending love and prayers of protection to brothers in need, with Dragon Blessings.

Light-in-the-Darkness-Topaz-Drachen Continue reading