Little Purple Goes to Lammas

What do a large certificate, a floury Little Purple and a group of serious dragons have to do with Lammas you might say?! Well that’s all I received when wondering what the dragons do for Lammas.

The image I saw was of Little Purple wearing an apron, stood with his hands in a bowl of something floury. The bowl was on a Little Purple sized table balanced atop a large dragon sized table; behind him on the wall was a large dragon sized certificate with his name on it. He was a very happy dragon, and the story behind all this goes something like this:

The Dragon teachers gathered together to decide who was going to be the pupil for the Rowan moon. They all knew what this was about, as they met 13 times a year and they always voted in secret. The Head Dragon (to you and me this would be the Headmaster) gathered up their votes and they watched her put them all in one pile. She said, “Well this is the first time in my career that every one of you has voted for the same candidate. Would one of you like to explain your reasons?” The Magick teacher spoke up, “This student is not doing the very best work, but they always try their hardest!” The rest of the teachers nodded in agreement. “Well”, the Head Dragon said, “this will certainly set the knights amongst the dragons when it’s announced!”

“Assemblies, assemblies, why do they always call assemblies when I’m so far behind in my work?!”, exclaimed Little Purple. He had been heading off to the library to put in some extra time working on his “rithmetic”. Little Purple had found that he wasn’t very good at working out the coordinates on a map. He was great at visuals, but when asked to work out places on a map, he nearly always ended up in the wrong place. Definitely not a good look for a dragon, imagine being told to go to China and ending up in the Antarctic, very embarrassing, any good dragon would hide their tail in shame.

Little Purple hurried into the Assembly Hall; he had his own door of course, which opened onto a staircase that took him up near the roof, to his own little platform. When he reached the platform, the Head Dragon looking at Little Purple, announced, “Well, as everyone is now here, assembly can now begin”.

First everyone said the Dragon Code of Honour and then sang the school anthem, before making themselves comfortable. Can you imagine what a room full of dragons of all shapes and sizes would sound like singing? It certainly would be interesting to hear, don’t you think!

The Head Dragon said, “As you all know it’s almost the end of the Birch Moon and in just a few days time we will be in Rowan Moon. That means it’s time to announce the next Pupil of the Moon. For the first time in my career, all the teachers are in agreement over which pupil will be honoured this month. As you know Lammas is in Rowan Moon, so this month’s special pupil will represent this school at the Official Lammas Service.”

The Head Dragon went on to talk for quite some time about what an honour this would be and how proud the pupil’s parents would be that their dragonchild would be attending the Lammas service. So much so in fact, that boredom started to set in. Students started to gossip with one another and just generally not pay attention, so much so in fact that the Magick teacher, getting fed up with the noise, cast a spell of silence. Unfortunately it affected everyone in the room, not just the pupils. Whoops!

When this has been sorted out, the Head Teacher said, “The pupil chosen unanimously by the teachers as the school representative for the Rowan Moon is Little Purple”. Well at first there was a deathly silence and then there were cheers and booing in about equal measure. Little Purple was lifted down from his vantage point and placed on the table at the front of the hall. He was given a Pupil of the Rowan Moon certificate with his picture on it. Mind you he couldn’t lift it, let alone carry it; so I wonder how he got it home!

Little Purple wondered what he would do for the special service; after all, given his size, he didn’t think there was anything he was suitable for. Then he remembered the special bread that was placed on the Altar, and knew that that’s what he could make.

So there he was in the kitchen, his little table perched atop a normal dragon sized one, making the Lammas Loaf. He had great fun making it and boy did he get himself floury to boot! And later after he had cleaned himself up, you would have seen him proudly carrying his offering and placing it on the Altar.

Something special happened just as he placed his offering on the Altar. The last beam of the setting sun shone through the window illuminating Little Purple and his loaf, as though the Gods were smiling down on him. Wasn’t that wonderful!

Copyright © 2015 Night Blade
* “The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.