How Little Purple went to Belltane*

by Night Blade

There I was minding my own business, not thinking of anything in particular, when some images came to me. An image of a flat disk – like top of something with flowers around it, Little Purple on top of that, doing what looked to me like a highland fling and a group of dragons sitting around talking about something. I had no idea at first what it was all about, but then I got invited to the meeting of the dragons. This is sort of what it was about.

“It’s Belltane”, a large white dragon says “and you know what that means, don’t you! All those who go to school go, feast and make merry to celebrate.”

“Well why did you call us then, we all know that,” said a grumpy, dusty looking dragon. “Well you also know what council we are” said a nice soft voice. “This is the council that looks after the goings on of Little Purple”. This was Little Purple’s mother who spoke, going on to say “Little Purple can’t go; he’ll get awfully bashed & squashed about.” Another dragon gently pats her on the shoulder and says “now, now my dear, we decided that no matter what Little Purple has to be able to have a life. I know it’s a bit daunting and dangerous, with him so little and us so large, but he’s got to be able to do what a dragon should do, if he wants to that is.” This was Little Purple’s father, a dragon of chaos, so large.

It’s interesting to see his gentler side, because normally when he’s around Little Purple he’s quite gruff and brusk. I’m thinking he’s trying to toughen Little Purple up, but I’m not sure if it’s working or not. The big white dragon said “now as we said it’s Belltane and all the schoolies are allowed to go, so what are we going to do?” There was lots of muttering and grumbling and just general tooing and frowing of all sorts of ridiculous ideas, but nothing seemed to work.

All of a sudden there was a little squeak. Well to the big dragons it tended to sound like that. What it was, was Little Purple. He flitted up, well that’s what you would call his flying, he’s got such little wings, onto the table that they were all gathered about. “I’d like to go to Belltane” said Little Purple.

“Now now then dear” said his mother, “leave it all up to us”. Another dragon that hadn’t spoken, a youngish one, possibly the youngest one besides Little Purple at this meeting, said “perhaps Little Purple might have some ideas!” But it was said with a sniggering voice, as though saying “what would he know”.

Little Purple said “I’ve pondered long, I’ve pondered hard about Belltane, and it is hard. And I thought that I would not be going you see, because there was no way I could be safe, until just now I saw them getting ready the Belltane pole. Last year’s flowers were all dead and done. To the dustbin, gone, gone, gone! New ones, bright and pretty light, woven into garlands of might, around the top and down the pole. Do you know that top, is ……gigantic, it’s many times bigger than my bed.”

A wise old dragon that had been pondering about the matter said “what do you mean it’s bigger than your bed. It’s not very big at all really!”

“Good sir” Little Purple replied “there is not much smaller than my size, so my bed tiny must be or get lost, just look at me! The top of the Belltane pole to you small might be, but to me huge in comparison I see. It came to me 1, 2, 3 that I could celebrate Belltane with what a view you see. Hoisted up upon the pole so large, right at the top, what a charge!”

So if you had been in the Dragon Cavern at Belltane you would have seen Little Purple atop the Belltane Pole, singing and dancing for all his worth. He had a tankard of drink, a bowl full of snacks, and just in case, his mother included, a container for the necessaries. Well with all that drinking and carrying on, they just may forget to get Little Purple down.

And if you’re wondering how the dragons celebrate Belltane, it’s by ringing the big sabbat bell. They make ready the feast, gather around and wait until the exact time for Belltane, then when the bell is rung, sing, dance, feast and make merry. And that’s what Little Purple did too, all safe atop the pole so large.

If you had gone back to the Dragon Cavern early the next morning, you would have seen dragons asleep everywhere. And up the top of the pole so large, a snack bowl (large dragon sized) with a small purple tail hanging out of it. Yes they had indeed forgotten to get Little Purple down!


© 2011 Night Blade

* The Dragons told the author – Night Blade – that Beltane/Beltaine should be spelled Belltane …it’s to do with the tolling of the dragons’ sabbat bell.
Night Blade was previously known as Amethyst when this story was first published in Axis Mundi eMagazine (p24). “The Tales of Little Purple” are reprinted here on “Dragon Dreaming” with Night Blade’s permission.

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