Dancing with the Dragon

Dragon Exercise

by Jim Slagle

“Most of us are probably are already adept at our own individual techniques for directing and moving creative energy. We develop these techniques naturally as part of our struggle to cope with the mundane problems of daily living. Perhaps we don’t always consciously realize the remarkable extent to which we really do more and direct energy.

One way to approach this Dragon Exercise is to presume that it ushers in access to a new or more intense experience of vital energy. An alternative perspective is that this exercise merely brings into conscious application a process with which you are well acquainted. What heretofore may have been practiced unthinkingly can be engaged with deliberate intent.

There are many ways to approach The Dragon. Perhaps you will enjoy this one:”

Click here to see “Dragon Exercise” by Jim Slagle at www.swordmagick.com

Dancing with the Dragon

The following meditation has been adapted (by my HPs)  from the “Dragon Exercise” mentioned above.

Vital Body Energy

  • Open all chakras
  • Bring the white light down from the top of your head down to the base chakra and then open each of your chakras cleansing and removing blockages with the white light.
  • Move the white light through the internal pathways and meridians within your body, moving the energy through your cells and blood, circulating it throughout your whole body.
  • Now bring this energy to the top of your head and seeing 2 streams of energy coming out from your crown chakra and entering back into the chakras in the centre of each hand.
  • Keeping this first circuit still spinning, now add another.
  • Take a breath energise the existing flow. Now create another 2 streams of energy from the crown chakra and circle back into the soles of the feet.
  • Complete this phase by adding now the fifth and final circuit, flowing up the spine, and out the crown, then arcing down, entering the base of the spine. You are running vital energies through your body. This is a enlightening awakening process.

Vital Energy – Earth Dance

  • Now send a beam of your own essence from your crown chakra deep into the Earth. Move through the earth’s crust into the central earth core. Move the energy into the core and dance it, merging it with earth energies.
  • You are dancing your fire in two places now: in your body, which stands upon the surface of the Earth, and also at the planetary core.
  • Be creative with your dancing, visualize the interplay of the two energies.

Vital Energy – Heaven Dance

  • Now merge your personal essence, with that of the darkness of the deepest Earth, and bring the energy back up from the earth’s core up through the bottom of your spine, up along the channel where all the other orbits are flowing. Now send a beam of energy out the crown chakra, and send it out into the stars, past the moon and the planets. Send it out into deep space.
  • Send it into the matrix of the dragons, the fabric of the cosmos. Be creative with your dancing; visualize the interplay of the two energies.

Vital Energy – The Dragon Dance

  • Visualize absorbing the cosmic vibrations while you dance. Now merge the energies of your essence with that of the stars. Dancing the skies you have now combined your energies with that of Earth and Heaven.
  • Draw this combined energy back down from the heavens and bring it down through your body through the crown chakra and integrate through the existing orbits, so that you are running a macro and a micro cosmic orbit simultaneously.
  • You are now dancing the dragon, stay as long as you can endure the fire. This is the moment of ultimate possibilities. Tap into the universal creativity.
  • When you are ready to close down detach the streams of energy one by one starting with the heaven orbit, then the earth, then the orbits circulating your body. Then starting from your crown chakra gently close down each of the chakras either visualizing them as petals of flower closing or a shutter closing. Leave the base chakra open and spinning.
  • If you are feeling dizzy or spacey ground the excess energy back into the ground with the intent of healing the earth.