The Storm, the Dragons, the Witch & the Wedding


Once again the Dragons and I have worked weather magick, and in a most spectacular fashion! My niece’s wedding was to be held at a seaside public park called Glastonbury Gardens near Wollongong, NSW Australia. Storms and rain were forecast for the day, which of course would ruin the wedding as there was no undercover area to use as an alternative to the open air garden setting. But it wasn’t just “normal” rain that was forecast — at 3.46pm on Saturday (the afternoon of the wedding) the Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Greater Wollongong area which warned of destructive winds, large hailstones and heavy rainfall that could lead to flash flooding. I had already started working with the Dragons well beforehand to create some fine weather for the wedding, and I was certainly not disappointed! Continue reading


Dragon Weather Dreaming

summon_the_evening_dragon_by_hagge“Summon the Evening Dragon” by Hagge from

Just some ramblings that evolved from a few quiet moments spent sitting outside on my verandah on different days, watching the weather, listening and waiting for Dragons, contemplating random thoughts… Continue reading

Flying Dragon in the Sky at Xian, China

Here’s a video that was first uploaded to Youtube in 2012 by “peacefulpacific” (as far as I can tell) which has since been copied and re-uploaded by others more recently to Youtube and also to Facebook. Certainly interesting to watch!

They are what they are…

Many areas in New South Wales have been ravaged by bushfires for the last few days – the Dragons of Air and of Fire have certainly been working overtime! So many people have lost so much, yet many are thankful that at least they still have each other, even though they are devastated by the loss of their houses and a lifetime’s collection of possessions …and still the fires rage onwards, swallowing more properties and taking the lives of beloved pets and other animals caught in its path. Continue reading

Celestial Dragons

After posting my previous blog entry about “The Nature of Dragons” I continued searching the internet for more clues and came across the following article…

The Dragon Storm

by Wal Thornhill

A news item headlined “The Dragon Storm” appeared on the Cassini mission website on February 24, 2005. Continue reading

Dragon Storm!

While writing my new dedication for a ritual tonight a storm was brewing — lots of thunder rumbling in the distance — definitely Dragon weather and well-timed as I had begun writing my dedication to them just before the thunder started! …synchronicity again! Continue reading

Barking at Dragons

The edge of the storm, over my house. I can see 3 dragons ...can you? (Click to enlarge)

Some grey, rainy days feel more “dragonish” than others, and today is such a day. As usual I invited my dog Shelby to come inside to have his first meal of the day and settle down for some relaxing “inside time” snoozing on the rug in front of my altar. However, that was not to be …as soon as he finished gulping down his food he heard the first rumblings of the Dragons in the distance and started to growl Continue reading