Samhain ~ a Liminal Space


As usual I attended Spheres Of Light‘s Samhain Weekend Retreat where I enjoyed some interesting workshops, meditations and rituals from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon. Continue reading


Cerridwen’s Cauldron


At our recent Dark Moon Circle we connected with Cerridwen and her cauldron of knowledge and inspiration through meditation, followed by a session of channelling and automatic writing. Continue reading

Sixty-three Ravens (and One Dragon)

63Ravens-Topaz(Click image to enlarge, or read text below) Continue reading

A Draconic Lorica


The directions & elemental correspondences  in the Lorica above are suited to Topaz Drachen’s home in the southern hemisphere. These can (and should) be changed to suit your personal surroundings.

What is a Lorica?

A lorica is a type of prayer of protection (literally meaning “breastplate”) which was popular in Celtic countries. In legend and practice, the Celts called upon the forces of nature in its many diverse forms to serve and enhance themselves. One of the most famous of these is St. Patrick’s breastplate, or the Lorica of St. Patrick: Continue reading

The Gate of Blood and Fire

by James Lloyd George

Queen of Witch-fire, Mother of the Lost Threshold, She who holds the key to unlock the Gate of Blood and Fire, I take refuge in your thunderclouds and the darkness rumbling over the sacred burial mounds. My feathers outstretch like fingers drenched in the rich soil of Old Khemet. They are enchanted wings, for they have brought me swiftly to you. Continue reading

Call of The Ancient Dragon

by James Lloyd George

The Ancient Dragon lifts her heavy jaw.
All about, the Blacklands are sleeping.
Mortal curtains may be drawn against Her,
yet ever Her kiss is seeking us all.
Her cold blood already tastes my resolve;
the pitiful fight within. Continue reading

Evoking The Dragon’s Flame

by James Lloyd George

Three Woulds into the cauldron go, but, this, the wise remembers:
First the Dragon’s Breath evoke – the spell is in the embers!
The first of Woulds to taste her flames is: “I would love her Mysteries!”
To let my witch-blood dance with those who shared her troubled histories. Continue reading