Disruption to Magick Circles


Sometimes the personal issues of one or more members can interfere with the smooth running of a magickal group (clan, circle, coven, grove etc). Often these problems can be simply due to personality clashes and differences of opinion between members or even plain old rudeness and lack of respect, but at other times it can also involve mental health issues. Continue reading


New Facebook Page for Topaz Drachen

topazdrachendragondreamingfb1Yesterday I decided to make a new Facebook “page” which will be mainly for my Dragon-related posts, with the idea that it could possibly replace (or at least take the focus away from) my Facebook “profile”, which I might eventually shut down or at least make much more private than it currently is. Continue reading

Evolution of Ideas


(This jumbled rambling will make more sense (I hope) if you take the time to also read the extra info in the links throughout the text.) Continue reading

Finding some direction…


I cast the circle, “By the power of the Dragons, may this circle be blessed, cleansed and sanctified…” I call in all the Dragons who have presented themselves to me over the last few years as being associated with a particular elemental influence and direction to protect, guide and assist me as I work magick. They are not “Elemental Dragons” as such, Continue reading

A heartfelt thank you…

…to the Dragons, the Morrigan and Hecate for the protection and safe return of a friend’s much loved canine friend who was missing for nearly 3 days …for assistance and partnership in spellwork to help make it happen …and for prayers answered.

Gracie-sepia Continue reading