Atama & Erissa

27th January 2017

atama1erissa1Today I decided to adopt a couple of GemChip Baby Dragons — Atama and Erissa — from Tysha’s Dragonwys store on Etsy. I’ve admired Tysha’s Dragon babies for quite a while but never bought/adopted any until today. I love how each one already has a name before they are adopted and they each have very individual personalities. I’m sooooo looking forward to their arrival and introducing them to the rest of my Crystal Dragon Clan where I’m sure they will be made to feel very welcome. Continue reading



December 4th, 2014 ~ While lying in bed, awake waaaay too early in the morning, I was thinking about the mp3 files I had been listening to last night from the Dragon Skulls Workshop I had recently done via distance option. Continue reading

Finding some direction…


I cast the circle, “By the power of the Dragons, may this circle be blessed, cleansed and sanctified…” I call in all the Dragons who have presented themselves to me over the last few years as being associated with a particular elemental influence and direction to protect, guide and assist me as I work magick. They are not “Elemental Dragons” as such, Continue reading

Dragon of Chaos

I’d been working on my collection of Draconic Correspondences early this morning – lots of online browsing and looking at books etc – when I decided it was time to take a break and “catch up with the day” so to speak. I’d just realised what the time was and I hadn’t even had breakfast or showered yet so I really should (reluctantly) tear myself away from my computer for a bit. Continue reading

From Water into Spirit

I attended our group’s “Dragon of Water Attunement” as we moved from a “water year” into a “spirit year”. Previous attunements held have been Fire in January 2012 (I didn’t write about this one), Air in January 2011 and Earth in January 2010. These previous blogs contain more background information about what our ” Dragon attunements” entail so please read those if you want more details. Our group’s next attunement, to be held in January 2014 will be for Spirit. This will conclude the initial 5 year plan of learning and initiation for our group which was announced by the Dragons in October 2008 and then the cycle will begin again with 2014 being an Earth year, 2015 an Air year, Fire in 2016, Water in 2017, Spirit in 2018 and so on. Continue reading

A Dragon Awakening

(For more background information regarding the following meditation experience please read my previous post.)

I used the dowsing rods to determine where the grid lines ran through our meditation space, then we all placed our crystals along a small section of those grid lines in the centre of our circle to enhance the energy. Continue reading

A Draconic Lorica


The directions & elemental correspondences  in the Lorica above are suited to Topaz Drachen’s home in the southern hemisphere. These can (and should) be changed to suit your personal surroundings.

What is a Lorica?

A lorica is a type of prayer of protection (literally meaning “breastplate”) which was popular in Celtic countries. In legend and practice, the Celts called upon the forces of nature in its many diverse forms to serve and enhance themselves. One of the most famous of these is St. Patrick’s breastplate, or the Lorica of St. Patrick: Continue reading