Rainbow Serpent

A Year of Dragon Rituals

Part 10. Rainbow Serpent (Australia)

20 Dec 2019, Solstice & Full Moon in Gemini

rainbow-serpent-rock-painting-2.jpgAustralian Aboriginal rock painting of “The Rainbow Serpent” — from Wikimedia Commons

A copy of the Rainbow Serpent solstice ritual conducted by Spheres Of Light can be found here.



A Year of Dragon Rituals

Part 7. Quetzalcoatl (Mesoamerica)

16 Aug 2019, Full Moon in Aquarius

Quetzalcoatl.jpgAn architectural sculpture from Teotihuacan of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed-Serpent god of Mesoamerican religion and mythology. He was regarded as a creator god and a god of wind by such civilizations as the Maya and Aztecs. From ancient.eu/Quetzalcoatl/

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A Year of Dragon Rituals

Part 6. Ningišzida (Mesopotamia)

19 July 2019, Full Moon in Capricorn

ningishzida.jpgThe “libation vase of Gudea” with the dragon Mušḫuššu, dedicated to Ningishzida (21st century BC). The caduceus is interpreted as depicting the god himself.

A copy of the Ningišzida full moon ritual conducted by Spheres Of Light can be found here.


Typhon-1Typhon, from Wikimedia commons

A Year of Dragon Rituals

Part 5. Typhon (Greece) 

14 Jun 2019, Full Moon in Sagittarius

Typhon was a monstrous giant snake-like creature of ancient Greek mythology who fathered many monsters with his mate Echidna. He is also called Typhoeus, Typhaon or Typhos.(1)

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Akhekh by Topaz Drachen  (Click image to enlarge)

A Year of Dragon Rituals

Part 4. Akhekh (Egypt) 

17 May 2019, Full Moon in Scorpio

Akhekh – this dragon originates from Egypt and is otherwise known as Akhekhu. It is characterized as a fantastical beast with a long serpentine body with four legs to support it. Continue reading


veles-by-kriegerman.jpg‘Veles’ by Kriegerman (deviantart.com/kriegerman/art/Veles-352202793)

A Year of Dragon Rituals

Part 3. Veles (Slavic) 

19 Apr 2019, Full Moon in Libra

Veles (Cyrillic Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian : Велес; Polish: Weles; Ukrainian: Велес; Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Montenegrin, Slovak, Slovenian: Veles; Ruthenian and Old Church Slavonic: Велесъ; Belarusian: Вялес, translit. Vialies), also known as Volos (Russian: Волос, listed as a Christian saint in Old Russian texts), is a major Slavic god of earth, waters, and the underworld. Continue reading