Fire Dragon

Fire-Dragon-by-Topaz-Drachen.jpg“Fire Dragon” by Topaz Drachen

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Starry, Starry Night

Galactic-Dragon.jpg“Starry, Starry Night” by Topaz Drachen

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A Minor Facelift


For a while now I’ve been thinking of changing the design of my “Dragon Dreaming” website/blog. I haven’t had much luck finding a WordPress theme that I like so the big transformation hasn’t happened yet Continue reading

My Altar (2)

I first wrote about my altar and showed some photos of it back in 2010 (click here). It’s undergone a few subtle changes and become a lot more cluttered since then, but I rather like it that way. It’s also expanded way past a simple altar and my collection has now taken over an entire room, much more so than it had in 2010. 😉 So I decided to show a few more photos of my cluttered collection of Dragons and other Shiny Things. 🙂 (Click each image to enlarge)

28th December 2011

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Labradorite Dragon Skull

I’ve just purchased this beautiful Dragon Skull — now I wait for it to arrive. ❤

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In 2012 I received my Black Obsidian Dragon Skull.  Until today he’s never revealed his name. I’ve always sensed his calming, soothing and protective energy but have never really interacted with him, even though he has sat on my altar all this time, watching over all of my rituals and devotional practices here at home. Continue reading

Flying Dragon in the Sky at Xian, China

Here’s a video that was first uploaded to Youtube in 2012 by “peacefulpacific” (as far as I can tell) which has since been copied and re-uploaded by others more recently to Youtube and also to Facebook. Certainly interesting to watch!