Samhain ~ a Liminal Space


As usual I attended Spheres Of Light‘s Samhain Weekend Retreat where I enjoyed some interesting workshops, meditations and rituals from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon. Continue reading

Cerridwen’s Cauldron


At our recent Dark Moon Circle we connected with Cerridwen and her cauldron of knowledge and inspiration through meditation, followed by a session of channelling and automatic writing. Continue reading

Flicker …and Space Otters!


Playful little Flicker is the Dragon who chose to communicate with me today, and for some reason, he brought otters to my attention. Weird associations are happening this morning — must persevere and see where this leads.

Continue reading

Shandara’s Message


Today Shandara, my amethyst crystal Dragon, came forward. Today’s meditation was rather disjointed and strange, so much so that I wasn’t sure whether to post it publicly or not. However, who am I to judge whether a Dragon’s message is worthy or not? And, it’s more likely my inability to connect and channel effectively that’s at fault here …sorry Shandara 😥 …I tried. Continue reading

Thinning Veils & Time Tangles


Once again I tried to connect with my Crystal Dragon Clan in preparation for a meditation with one of them. This time I instinctively knew that  Thorgründ, the ancient grandfatherly being within my Hematite Crystal Dragon Skull, wished to communicate with me. Continue reading

Zanora Speaks


Today’s meditation turned into another “automatic typing” session where I just typed whatever came into my head as I tried to meditate. It was difficult to get into the right frame of mind at first due to noise from other people in the house so instead of sitting at my computer keyboard I disappeared out to the front verandah with my iPad and typed on that instead. Continue reading


Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed - Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner - Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher - Spiritual Channeller - Lightworker

Altair Dragon and serpent post - Dragon for Circle unknown artist



The painting is very symbolic. The dragon is feminine as is the goddess who has the dragon-serpent fire in Her Spine. The dragon is a Chinese Lung Dragon and the Goddess is LongMU Mother of Dragons who raised five infant dragons. As you read this visualize and feel your SELF as a Dragon Mother or Master giving birth to your dragon which is the fire of alchemical transmutation WITHIN ♥ ALTAIR.



Dragons on Earth are closely connected to Sanat Kumara.

As you know, Sanat Kumara is Lord Krishna’s son, and he dwells in Shambhala/Shamballa (also known as the City of Enoch).

The KEY is what you do and how you work WITH the energy relationships of the Dragons and Serpents of Wisdom.

The Hindu Puranas describe the Kumarans as being the first teachers of the Yoga of Unity Consciousness…

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