My Little Gold Pyrite Dragon


Jandalaya, my little Gold Pyrite Dragon, has now been freed from the metal ring on the back of her skull where I used to have a chain to wear her around my neck to be close to me. ❤ Virtually from the time she was born there had been a chain on her, first from the person I bought her from, then another chain attached by me. She’d had enough of that and today she asked to be set free so she could rest more comfortably on my altar with the other crystal dragons. So, of course, that is what I did. The photos below show the original photos from her seller (sitting on polished wood) and the remainder are my own photos, taken when she first arrived on 20th March this year, and today (9 months later, with no chain!). 🙂

The reason I wanted a pyrite Dragon is explained here in a blog I wrote last February where I also talked about my other pyrite Dragon called Haandoth.

The Dark Moon Circle I’m a member of has been working with the element of Earth all this year and my metal Dragons — Jandalaya, Haandoth and Thorgründ have been the central Dragons on my altar during this time (my connection with metal Dragons was also discussed in the blog posts previously linked to).

Usually the energy of the Dark Moon Circle carries through for an entire year and undergoes a sort of transformation and renewal at the Dragon Attunement held annually around the time of the new moon in February (aka Chinese New Year). However, this year, something changed. The Taurus Full Moon at the end of October seems to have been the turning point, inspiring people to “consider the purpose and direction of their lives”. We were being taken out of our comfort zones and something new was looming like a dark shadow on the horizon.

The Scorpio Dark/New Moon two weeks later confirmed that even though the year is not yet over, what was is no longer — it has definitely died. Some people were suddenly gone, there were endings and goodbyes. The familiar and the expected were totally shaken up. This New Moon was heralding a new beginning with an ending of old, comfortable ways and many changes ahead for the group as a whole, starting with our Dragon Program for 2019.

I feel that the message from Jandalaya to have her chain removed is part of this early transformation away from the old energy to the new adventure that lies ahead.



3 thoughts on “My Little Gold Pyrite Dragon

  1. Thank you for your wisdom! I am looking for Atlantisite dragon skulls, the wisdom school website has been down. Any assistance is appreciated! I found a wholesaler timmers jems that has many but does not want to deal with customs selling to Americans.
    Sonoran collective
    Bruce Hermes

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    1. Hi Bruce,

      Alphedia, who runs the Dragon Wisdom School, has another website called Elemental Beings. She sells Dragon skulls from there now while the wisdom school website is being worked on. There are no Atlantisite Dragons on her website at the moment ( but I’m sure if you contact her she’d be able to tell you when or if she’s getting any more in. She also sells skulls via her Facebook pages/groups. They often get sold there before ever making it onto her main website so best to check Facebook as well as there could be some Atlantisite Dragons there at and 🙂



      1. Thank you! the Scottish tektite looked very interesting! (emailed)

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