Channeling Maat (& Anubis?)


Last night at the Dark Moon Circle I attended, instead of our usual guided meditation, we conducted a channeling session to channel Maat, the universal mother and the cosmic force of balance and justice, asking her to guide us in the process of creating a talisman to bring about balance and harmony and to give us advice about certain issues and to improve our own personal spiritual growth.

This exercise was designed to work in with the energy of the upcoming Dark Moon in Libra which “is symbolised by the scales of balance and justice. The more balanced we are in our attitudes, the more we can enjoy partaking moderately in everything but nothing in excess which leads to imbalance, distortion and suffering. Ruled by Venus, Libra asks us to refine our thoughts so our words create beauty and inspire co-operation rather than words that cut others down because they’re motivated by the fears and torment of an undisciplined mind.” (Source)

To ensure the maximum potential of the success of our talisman we worked within the Hour of Mercury on the Day of Venus, which is an excellent time for abstract thinking, mental alertness and for matters related to communication. As Mercury can be a trickster we needed to be alert and totally in the present.

We used breathwork to help us reach the right state of mind more quickly than in our usual meditations, which provided for quite an amazing night, with many people experiencing visions with similar or related imagery and symbolism even though this session was not guided in any way.

AnubiI saw my hands change into dog paws with pink/grey mottled paw pads. I definitely felt connected to Anubis as he attended the weighing scale in the “Weighing of the Heart” with Maat …or maybe I was channeling one circle member’s dog who was reclining quietly in the doorway in a typical Anubis pose. 😛

There was a ruby-red rose set against a backdrop of stars swirling around a central point in the night sky. The swirling was accompanied by the sound of rushing wind. I wasn’t sure if the wind was blowing hard outside the hall or whether the noise was only in the meditation/channeling. At one stage I could feel a cold wind blowing around and through our circle, which was odd as the doors and windows were all shut. I also heard footsteps walking across the hall towards where we were all seated in a circle, but there was no-one there. I briefly checked and saw that our canine guest was lying quietly and not moving, so there was nothing physical causing the sound of the footsteps.

I saw myself as a bright light source suspended in the centre of a ray of light flowing between what I was told in the channeling to be “Extreme Death” on one end and “Extreme Life” on the other …I was kinda like a bead on a very taut string. In the end I had trouble coming back out of it as I wanted to stay ‘in’ for longer. It was a very odd and intriguing experience! 

During our discussion after the channeling others said that they too had seen a rose or a geometric representation of one, another had also heard the mysterious footsteps and a few of us were aware of the puzzling cold breeze that came out of nowhere to blow around our circle inside our otherwise warm, closed and well sealed hall. Swirling and concentric rings (like the stars in my vision) were also experienced by others in the group.

Usually during meditations I have some sort of input from The Dragons, but this occasion was different as it was for channeling a specific deity. I was aware of the presence of Dragons before we started and again at the conclusion of the channeling, around the periphery of our general circle area as if they were respectfully keeping their distance while still observing and protecting us. Perhaps it was Dragon footsteps we heard walking across the room during the channeling? You never can tell with Dragons! 😉

This morning I had some fun attempting to recreate what I saw in the Maat channeling session last night. I certainly have some interesting symbolism to ponder upon. 🙂


3 comments on “Channeling Maat (& Anubis?)

  1. Feona Willow says:

    Hi, I love dragons and I am honored by Lung Na’s presence at times. I was posting a picture of s Pi-xiu when your info buzzed me. I make amazing Orgone dragons and have a small curiosity shop on Etsy. Not trying to spam you My dragons and dragon altars are made with a Mother’s heart and fairy fingers. Nice to meet you and blessings many.

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  2. M.T.Noah says:

    Thank you for your insights.

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  3. Rusel says:

    Merry Meet
    Im a hedgewytch of 40 yrs and have recently been blessed by the befriending of a Golden Dragon. Ive only confided this with a Qigong master friend and he is giving me support on the implications from an oriental perspective.
    My enquiry is around other peoples experience of such manifestation, and their experience and implications of it.
    If you have any groups or individuals that I can be put in touch with I would much appreciate your support.

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