World Dragon Day 2018

WDD-2018-Topaz-Earth-1800(Click image to enlarge)

30th September 2018 — World Dragon Day will be held next Saturday 6th October 2018, so I have created my own poster in honour of the day, as I usually do. 🙂

This year the Pagan group I belong to in Sydney have been attuning to the Dragons of Earth so my poster reflects that. The poster was created from a section of one of my own bushland photos at a nearby creek, and a Dragon image I found online. (Click images to enlarge)

Hopefully on the night of the 6th October I will get the alone time I need to join in with the special worldwide meditation planned for 7:00pm in each timezone and to connect with the Dragons. 


You can read my blogs for previous WDDs I have participated in at WDD 2014, WDD & Beltane 2014WDD 2015, WDD 2016 and WDD 2017.

The World Dragon Day poster from the offical organisers is shown below, along with the information from their Facebook event page…


World Dragon Day 2018 is coming close… it’s Saturday 6th of October!
People around the world will be coming together to celebrate the wonderful Dragons and experience Dragon Energy – and you can get involved! Find out about the events and people in these pages – and connect with other people who love Dragons…

Send us a message if you want your country or event added to the list -Message us on Facebook and join the group:

Email us at:
Find out more from our website:
Looking forward to hearing from you!

We will be having a Worldwide Meditation Wave that you can join that will roll around the Earth… You can join in at 7.00pm your local time – or 19.00 UT/GMT. Feel free to celebrate in your own way! Invite your friends, honour and celebrate Dragons, and have fun!

If all goes well here I will add more to this page after I have participated in my own small way in the rolling worldwide meditation wave. 🙂

6th October 2018 — WORLD DRAGON DAY

My Crystal Dragon Clan wanted to be arranged in concentric circles with some candles on my altar tonight (in keeping with symbols that had cropped up during a recent channeling session with my Dark Moon circle) so I did as they requested, although the space was a bit crowded with so many in a relatively small space.


Tonight at a few minutes past 7PM AEST I sat on my front verandah and looked across the road at the silhouette of the gumtrees against the night sky.


The stiff breeze blowing through them made them look like one huge Draconic being, alive and breathing, with lungs inhaling and exhaling in a rhythmic ripple across its flank.


I sat and breathed in the essence of the Dragons, at peace and as one with them. I decided to call to them, to see if more would come, and the breeze picked up and became much, much stronger, swirling around me. I could sense the presence of more Dragons and it was exhilarating! I saw many Dragon faces in the clouds; confirmation that they were indeed present. One opened its mouth and swallowed a passenger jet and I wondered if any of the passengers would have been aware of their potentially shamanic journey of being eaten by the Dragon. I had conversations with the Dragons and asked for advice and help, and revelled in the heady feelings of flying and swooping with them on the breeze.

This took place between about 7pm to 8pm AEST and I had plans to try again the next day at 6am AEDT — or 5am AEST which is what it would ‘really’ be …yes daylight saving started overnight (2am officially) — to join in with the main meditation and other activities at Avebury in England, but unfortunately I slept too late by about 2 hours so missed the opportunity to join in, in ‘real’ time. Oh well, not to worry …time isn’t ‘real’ anyway. 😉



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