To Help, To Heal & To Honour


Yesterday, after receiving some sad news, I was guided by the Dragons to set up my altar using crystals of blue and green, as well as some amethyst, for a working to bring healing to a friend. A couple of the crystals, being the exact shade of my friend’s favourite colour, also served as a symbolic representation of her to create a closer personal connection during the working.

The precise timing of the ritual was also guided by the Dragons.

I checked later and found that I’d unknowingly begun working the spell near the beginning of the Hour of the Moon and on through to the end of the Hour of Saturn. This is significant because the energy of the Moon hours benefits efforts that deal with women, the family and medicine, while the energy of the Saturn hours is, among other things, the best time for treating chronic illness, overcoming obstacles, and achieving successful outcomes with difficult situations. Wednesday, the day of the working, is a good time to deal with matters such as healing. The Dragons always know best! 🙂

I’ll not go into any further detail about the spell itself — exactly how it was done or the precise details of the intent — suffice to say that the circle was cast, my personal Dragons (and others who were willing) were asked to participate, meditation/trance happened, energy was raised and sent to where it was needed, thanks and farewells were attended to and the portal was closed.

Dragons of Air before me
Dragons of Water behind me
Dragons of Fire to the left of me
Dragons of Earth to the right of me
Dragons of Light above me
Dragons of Darkness below me
Dragons of Chaos all around me

Great Dragons of Spirit within me.
Mighty Dragons, I honour thee!



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