Arandorn & Thoughts About ‘Nature’


Sometimes I begin to write a blog post which, for one reason or another, never quite gets completed. The following is one such post which I wrote back in mid January this year, on a hot Summer’s day.

After I read the draft post again I saw a familiar message in it, which was also included in the full moon ritual I attended last night — that we human beings are a part of ‘nature’, we are not separate from it — we are just one of many species of animals on this planet. Our entire planet could be thought of as one ecosystem of which we are most definitely an integral part. Having a background in science, zoology in particular, this has always been my opinion, but so often these days I read things written by others who believe that we are somehow removed from or independent of ‘nature’, and that ‘nature’ is in some way superior to us as we are ‘only’ human.

I suppose for many people the attitude of us being separated from ‘nature’ could also be influenced by the religious indoctrination they might have been subjected to since childhood, even if they claim to have moved on from those religious beliefs. Too often I see ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ spoken of with reference to Draconic Paganism, along with the idea that humans are flawed and intrinsically ‘evil’ because we kill and eat animals.  Go take a look out in ‘nature’ and see how everything else survives!

Heaven and Hell are concepts of another belief system altogether — they are irrelevant and just don’t apply to anything to do with Draconic Paganism,  Draconic Wicca or whatever else you want to call it …but, I digress.

Anyway, here is my unfinished post from January — ‘unfinished’ because the journey started to take on a convoluted quality with worlds within worlds, and time standing still, which reminded me of the “Groundhog Day” movie… 😀

19th January 2018 ~ I received a message from a Facebook friend saying that he had been in contact with ‘my’ Dragon Arandorn. Arandorn then told me they wanted me to send a photo of themself to this friend so we went outside to take photos in the garden then picked the best one and sent it to our FB friend who then wrote a blog about his experience (which he later deleted some time in 2019).

I hadn’t connected directly with Arandorn for a while so they suggested we stay outside in the garden to sit and meditate.

The cicadas were very loud in the trees, heralding the hot day ahead. Strangely they started to sound like whispers calling to me from a great distance over time and space. Arandorn floated in front of me on a cloud of crunchy sound. “Listen to their song”, Arandorn said, “Immerse yourself in it”. Suddenly I found myself flying over tree tops and parched river beds, seeing cracks in the dried up mud — the sound blended with and became the crash of rolling waves on an ocean shore — hot white sand burning underfoot — cooling waves washed over my feet as I walked along the water’s edge to find Arandorn’s crystal skull in the sand at the edge of the waves.  I picked Arandorn up and put them in my pocket and suddenly I was on their back flying high over the beach and inland towards the gum trees and the parched creek beds. Arandorn’s scales shone and glistened like the labradorite stone their crystal skull is carved from. Suddenly we were back in the bushland across the road from my house, once again immersed in the sound of the cicadas.

I sat on a rock shelf beside Arandorn’s huge form and we looked down towards the river watching the sunlight dance across the points of the tiny waves and ripples in the water. No actual words passed between us — only a silent but mutual appreciation of the beauty of nature around us and an understanding that we are part of it, the Dragon and I. Arandorn lovingly wrapped one huge wing around me to shelter me from the hot sun — the noise of the cicadas rose to a crescendo, then ebbed and flowed in waves of hot crunchy sound, contrasted by the cool shade of Arandorn’s wing and the sparkling water below us.

Water flows, time flows, yet time is an illusion. I closed my eyes and saw a tunnel. I flew down the tunnel with my wings outstretched, Arandorn flying close behind me. The tunnel twisted and turned as it spiralled ever downwards, getting darker and cooler as it eventually opened into a large cavern. On the floor in the centre of the cavern was Arandorn’s labradorite crystal skull, showing their beautiful colours in the reflection of light which I realised was coming through a side tunnel which somehow led out to daylight, in spite of the depth we had reached inside the Earth. Once again I put Arandorn into my pocket then walked along the short tunnel to the ocean outside, over the hot white sand burning underfoot to the cool waves that would wash over my feet as I walked along the water’s edge to find Arandorn’s crystal skull in the sand at the edge of the waves once again.




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