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Although the total solar eclipse earlier today was not visible from Australia the energy was still strong. The time of maximum eclipse here in Sydney Australia was 4:25:35AM, 22 Aug 2017. So, what time did I wake up this morning for no apparent reason? …at 4:24AM of course, and then I couldn’t get back to sleep until a bit before 7AM (which, when I later checked here, turned out to be very close to the time of the last location in the world to see the partial eclipse end). When I woke up a 2nd time, about an hour and a half later, I realised I’d been having some very weird and vivid dreams and could remember them in great detail. Being able to remember my dreams is something that only happens very occasionally for me, but is something that has been happening more frequently in the weeks building up to this eclipse.

Meditation with Eclipse

I was guided to place Eclipse, my Black Obsidian Master Dragon who arrived at the lunar eclipse 2 weeks ago, over my heart chakra, then to move him slightly further down to lie between my solar plexus and heart. The song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” came to mind, then also the connection with the solar plexus and solar eclipse — weird, random little associations, lol. I called up Golden Dragon energy from the earth and drew it up through each chakra to the  transpersonal point above my crown chakra where it was met with a stream of white light coming down from the universe. Both streams merged and circulated through my body.

Eclipse speaks — heart/hearth/home provides love, peace and security. Cleanse the home and the heart of all impurities. Expand out into the world for peace and harmony. Trust in the Dragons, learn from them and bathe in the cool waters of peace and forgiveness. Start afresh, a new beginning leaving past misgivings behind. Channel words of Dragon wisdom to become as one with your own way of thinking — be at one with the Dragon with each to follow their own individual path. No two are the same — trust and connect — we are with you. Work for a better world — start with the home and hearth — the heart of civilisation. All begins in the home. Teach the young how to be and how NOT to be — work towards peace and understanding — education is the key. Learn to use the ways of man to further the ways of the Dragon. The Dragon Conclave is here to show you how — just ask with sincerity and connect with the elements of nature to hear the answers. The Metal Dragons are of the earth and are its strength. Obsidian Masters hold the fire of creation inside their glassy forms. They are born of the fire and water. Create a grid of Crystal Dragons on this day to heal the earth and the heart — focus the golden and white light energies into this grid and the Metal Dragons will conduct it to where it needs to be — the earth is the heart — without the heart there is no survival for mankind — be at peace — be at peace — be at peace — be one with the dragon.

The energy flow dissipates and each chakra is closed from the transpersonal point downwards, leaving only the base chakra open to connect with the earth energies.

Now I must create the grid… and as it turned out I was guided to create 2.

Eclipse Grid 1 — Metatron’s cube


Eclipse Grid 2


Both crystal grids are directing energy to the quartz sphere in the centre which sits on a 10-sided Lapis Lazuli crystal to amplify the energy.



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  1. Love your site! While meditating during the 2021 Lion’s Gate, a great Black Dragon flew into my vision and melded into me. As I sat with the energies, I became aware of another dragon flying off in the distance-a sweet clear-crystal dragon with feminine energy. This is the first time ever that a dragon appeared to me personally as a power animal or totem, although others have told me there are dragons around me. But this experience has me hooked! I’m reading everything I can find about dragons, especially Black Dragon, and am so pleased to have found your site!

    Thinking about this now, I realize dragons have fascinated me for years – a small gray and white china dragon has been with me since the ’80’s, and an auralite dragon skull sits on my altar, along with a dragon’s blood skull. Even a few years ago, while participating in a Feng-shui-based Earth healing meditation, a number of fierce red fire-breathing dragons entered my trance state to fight off the metal machinery bulldozing the rainforests. They were successful in bringing the machinery to a halt.

    You wrote minimally of crystal dragons. If you have more information, I’d love to read it, because it’s hard to find any info about them. Yours is the first and only site I’ve found that mentions them.
    Thank you,

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