Apricot & Haandoth Speak

On this beautiful sunny Imbolc (southern hemisphere) afternoon Apricot and Haandoth asked to be taken outside to the Dragon Portal (which looks just like a firepit 😉 ) in my yard for a while, to experience and connect with the energy of the vortex for the very first time.


After a while they asked me to move them to the grass beside where I sat with my back against the biggest stone at the edge of the portal.


I closed my eyes, called the Dragons and waited…

A bird squawked loudly in the tree in front of me and suddenly the wind blew, circling around me from my right, matching the direction of the flow of the energy vortex at my back. I was swept up in the swirling energy which merged with the sound of the waterfall in my pool. More Dragons had arrived!

I then started typing on my iPad whatever came into my mind, even if it didn’t make sense to me. Sometimes when I get these “messages” they make more sense later. Anyway, here are the thoughts/impressions I received from Apricot, Haandoth and perhaps other Dragons who were present…

Apricot: It is sunny, bright and peaceful. Enjoy the now and tap into the ‘what is’ not the ‘what will be’ or ‘what was’. Connect with the energies of now. Delight in ‘what is’. Rejoice in the beauty around you. Be uplifted by the breeze and love of nature. Affirmations are shown to you daily that We are here and this is your path. Trust the thoughts and impulses of what to write now for it is not your imagination. It is real. Feel the warmth of the rock against your back. The energy within is linked to the heart of the Earth.

Haandoth speaks now: Feel the connection with the deep dark tunnels below, spiralling and twisting towards the centre of the Earth to the bright, flaming Dragon Light in the centre — the heart of all that is. Rest upon the earth and feel its heart beat, feel the swirling of the pull of the portal. The flow of magma beneath the earth’s crust — the true blood of the Dragon —  is one with the flow of the waterfall, the inner and outer worlds — they are the same. All energy flows from the heart and back again — be aware of this and tap into its source. Even your dog, now barking at a bird and chasing it across the yard, is not a distraction but a display of connection with nature. He sees ‘what is now’ and is not worried about ‘what was’ or ‘what will be’. Live in the ‘now’ and fully experience LIFE!

The pull to the dark abyss is mesmerising, secrets lie within waiting to be uncovered. All will be revealed in time, the lesson is in the experience of ‘now’. Remember ‘what was‘ is affecting ‘what is’ which affects ‘what will be’. All you have is ‘what is’ so be intensely aware of it and present in the moment.

There are many moments in the streams of time which overlap, and we Dragons can see all and travel between the particles of time. Therefore time, as you perceive it, is irrelevant. There is only ‘what is’ and any moment can exist in any stream of time. Travel the streams of consciousness to the heart of all. Feel the rocks moving at your back like a living breathing entity, connect with the rock. Be one with the Earth. Be at peace now.

Well, that was certainly interesting — thank you Dragons!


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