Haandoth, my Pyrite & Quartz Dragon

pyr-hemThorgründ (left) and Haandoth (right)

I had been thinking about getting a pyrite Dragon for quite some time as I felt Thorgründ (my hematite Dragon) would appreciate having another metallic Dragon to be with, but none of the crystal Dragon skulls I’d looked at so far ‘spoke’ to me.

Then recently I took part in a competition/promotion by the Dragon Wisdom School and was one of 5 lucky recipients of personal Dragon messages channelled by Alphedia. Yay! 😀 My personal message was from the Dragons of Metal — “We call upon you to work with our realm. We ask for your support on the inner Earth work we are doing to stabilise the Earth Grids of light. We offer to assist you in finding your inner strength to plough forward on your mission of light.” Though I don’t actually need a physical ‘Dragon of Metal’ to do this work the apparent synchronicity with my thoughts about looking for that elusive pyrite Dragon made me think it was probably time to take up the search once more. 😀

So, off I went to consult Google, and subsequently ended up on ebay again. The Dragon who finally chose me is a 3″ pyrite Dragon with quartz inclusions. He’s not the prettiest looking Dragon and I did actually ignore him at first in favour of shinier pyrite Dragons available but there was just ‘something’ about him that drew me back. He has a couple of messy bits due to some inclusions that were close to the surface and broke off as the stone was polished but other than that he looked ok (and the price had apparently already been reduced to account for the imperfections). In the description on ebay the seller said that the Dragon “is much nicer ‘in person’ than the photos can show.” It also said that the crystal had been “charged with subtle energy from ‘Synergy’ — one of the world’s verified and most famous ancient life-sized quartz crystal skulls” so of course my curiosity was piqued. (Click on image above-right for a brief overview of what Synergy is and go to crystal-skull.com for more in-depth information.)

No-one else had bid on him after a week (or more?) of being online, and I didn’t want to pay his “Buy Now” price so I bid at the minimum price and trusted that if it was meant to be I’d get him, and if not, then someone else could out-bid me. It was obviously “meant to be”! 😀 

I bought him on 16/07/2017 and he arrived 10 days later on 26/07/2017. The next day he told me his name (which I am allowed to share here) is Haandoth.

Haandoth is very difficult to photograph well and looks totally different under various lighting conditions so I’ve put 2 sets of photos of him below. Another odd thing I noticed when I unwrapped him is that he smells very metallic. I’d never noticed a smell about any of my Dragons before so I sniffed Thorgründ and found that he has faint but very similar smell, and my pyrite sphere also has the same smell as Haandoth. It’s the kind of metallic smell you can taste.

Haandoth came from Blue Star Traders on ebay. Photos by Topaz Drachen.

So far Haandoth and I have not had an in-depth meditation together. I feel he wants more time to settle in with the Dragon Clan. Similar to Thorgründ, Haandoth has a very old and wise energy about him and a very strong connection to the Earth. So far I think I’ve only been sensing Dragon energy in him rather than ‘Synergy’ but I’m not certain — the two may be inextricably linked and I might not be ‘sensitive’ enough to discern the difference anyway, although, while typing this last sentence I have just received the insight that Haandoth is predominantly in the pyrite and Synergy’s energy is mainly in the quartz …interesting! I look forward to future communication with Haandoth/Synergy. 🙂


Crystal Properties: Iron Pyrite

This is a stone of manifestation, confidence, creativity and action. Works on increasing the power of the solar plexus. Pyrite helps with balancing polarities, harmonising the auric field and stimulating ambition, taking assertive action.

This dragon will help its guardian to overcome fears and take action. It is a powerful healer, combating infection. Excellent for harnessing the fire energy within, it promotes healthy sexual expression, combats male impotence and overcomes infertility issues.

This dragon is connected to the Metal Dragon Realm, which are powerful dragons of inner Earth.

(from elementalbeings.co.uk)
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