Dragon Portal


Today I was encouraged by the Dragons to take my Crystal Dragon Clan outside to the fire-pit in my yard, where I previously discovered there is a Dragon-portal, to do an honouring and opening ceremony with the Dragons.

They wanted to be arranged around the fire-pit/portal in a particular way, so I complied with their wishes. After they were all in place I was guided to circle the portal in an anticlockwise (sunwise) direction to bless, cleanse and sanctify the area and to “officially open” the portal in the presence of all the Dragons. After doing this I settled down on the grass with my back leaning against the rocks on the eastern side of the portal and attempted to meditate.

I could feel a whooshing, swirling sensation behind me and felt like I was being pulled into a vortex. When I called to the Dragons the gentle breeze picked up a bit, accentuating the feeling of flying and falling as I kept my eyes closed while leaning back against the rocks. Had I not already been seated I felt as if I might have fallen over as the sensation of the pulling of the portal was quite disorienting. I stayed seated for a while longer, trying to block out the distractions of people’s voices in neighbouring yards and stay connected to the moment. Then my dog decided that as I was sitting on the grass it must have meant I wanted to play so he came over and nudged my face and sat himself on my lap (all 40 kilograms of him!) so that kind of broke the meditation. But it was good to play and cuddle with my dog, lol …and I got the distinct impression that the Dragons thought it was funny too. My dog eventually settled down and we sat against the rocks for a little while longer before I felt the connection with the portal beginning to wane. I was told there was no need to “close” this portal. After opening something like this I normally wouldn’t leave it open but I have to trust that the Dragons know what is best.


I thanked the Dragons and then proceeded to bring all my Crystal Dragon Clan back inside to my altar, and removed all other visible signs from the portal that anything special had taken place there …it was once again just a fire-pit as far as anyone else was concerned. 😉

P.S. The piece of wood (a slice of a tree trunk) used as the centre-piece to rest some of the Crystal Dragons on was something that I had been saving for a few years with the intention of using it with my Dragon skulls somehow and maybe decorating it with pyrography — still a possibility. For now though, and to make sure nobody thinks it’s just a piece of potential firewood, I decided to move it from its previous storage spot behind the garden shed and make it into an outdoor altar. My rather faded Frill-necked Lizard garden statue — a more earthly representation of a Dragon — now sits on it, and there’s room to put any other altar tools I may choose to use outside. 🙂 Even the empty garden pot I used for the base has a Dragon on it — another item I’d forgotten I had hidden away in the garden shed.

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