Samhain ~ a Liminal Space


As usual I attended Spheres Of Light‘s Samhain Weekend Retreat where I enjoyed some interesting workshops, meditations and rituals from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon. During Friday night’s ritual we connected with Cerridwen, then on the Saturday night we connected with the Morrigan who guided us to the underworld to meet our ancestors so we might simply visit them or ask them for guidance.

As usual we called in the Dragons from each of the four directions to guard and protect us, along with the leaders of the Elementals for each Quarter, then we proceeded with our meditation which was to lead us into a trance state where we would then channel whatever information came to us during a session of automatic writing. The result of my automatic writing is shown below…

Cave of mystery deep within the Earth, questions left unanswered.
Total darkness — flames illuminate the mind,
searing thoughts like hot irons on the masks of fate.
Threefold watchers — haunting signs of everlasting putrefaction.
Stagnant pools of love fermenting in a vat of vile indifference.
Claw of skeletal Dragon peels away the flesh of unwashed bones —
white streaks in the darkness.
Hail not the ancestors as they know not what to say
in answer to the questions of the everlasting nothingness.
Speak not of death for it is the beginning of all life —
life which feeds on dreams and scraps of flesh —
all that is left of hope eternal.
Beware the hot steamy breath of doves in flight.
Peel away the false persona of putrid slugs
festering in the bowels of time.
Want not, fear not, for we are there,
guiding you through life’s infernal struggles.
Look to the Eye of the Dragon — clawed asunder
like a marshmallow 
off a stick in a flame of burning truth.

I’m not quite sure where this all came from but I was rather impressed when I read back over it — definitely different! 😮 In keeping with the mood of Samhain, many other people also had very deep, ‘dark’ and sometimes slightly disturbing yet interesting experiences.

Liminal Space Mandalas

Another activity we did on the weekend involved drawing mandalas to represent liminal spaces. I have only included a small snippet of the notes from the workshop and very brief descriptions of the mandalas I created.

The word liminal comes from the Latin word limen, meaning threshold — any point or place of entering or beginning. A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next’. It is a place of transition, waiting and not knowing. It is where all transformation takes place.

For those of us who live a magical life, liminal times and liminal spaces are where our magical work is done. These spaces are when and where the veil between this world and the Otherworld thins. Travel between them becomes easier for us as well as for spirits and deities.

1. Liminal States in Ritual

The image at the centre of the mandala is my visual interpretation of my concept of liminal space. The next ring of the mandala contains written descriptions of what liminal space is like to me — because it is very personal I have used a Photoshop filter to obscure the words and sentences I wrote there. The outer ring represents my ritual space.


2. Liminal Spaces in Our Personal Life

Once again, the image at the centre represents my interpretation of liminal space — a waiting place — based on my experience during a meditation held prior to the the drawing exercise. The next ring contains a written description of this waiting place — emotions, fears etc as well as wishes, opportunities for learning etc. The outer rim is the chrysalis — the space for my transformation —  and has descriptions of places I go to hold space for myself, and the people and practices involved.


Click here for more information about liminal space mandala drawings. For more information about liminal spaces in general, remember — Google is your friend. 😛


Image Credits:
“Dragon of Spirits” by Ruth Taylor from
Mandalas 1 & 2 by Topaz Drachen

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