Cerridwen’s Cauldron


At our recent Dark Moon Circle we connected with Cerridwen and her cauldron of knowledge and inspiration through meditation, followed by a session of channelling and automatic writing. Afterwards we each read out aloud what we had been inspired to write and the results were quite amazing. Some people were convinced they could not have written such work without some form of otherworldly influence as the words used did not seem to be their own and were not the sort of phrases they would normally use.

Anyway, here is what the Cauldron of Cerridwen inspired me to write…

Pools of swirling thoughts,
Dragons flying over mountains,
monks chanting, deep within the cave of twilight dreams.
Mother’s calling goes unheeded — mists of time, lost, regret.
Flowers falling —  pink carpet of petals on freshly mown lawn.
Dragon’s breath redeeming,
sunlight, nurture, childhood lost.
Reach for heart’s desire — golden threads among the silver.
Tendrils reaching, swaying, curling, withdrawing.


Image Credit: Frac 109 by MDK Fractal ~ mdk-fractal.deviantart.com/art/Frac-109-99297772

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