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Dragonhenge has a NEW address!


April 3rd, 2017 — The Dragonhenge website has been inaccessible for the last week or so but never fear, the site has not been removed! 😀

For some reason the domain (draconicpaganism.com) was cancelled, but Silver Draca has finally been able to get the site address updated. It just took the hosting platform “Spruz” a little while to implement the switch over to www.draconicpaganism.spruz.com so we can all access the website again. 🙂

Your login details will remain the same, so as long as you can remember what they were you will be able to log in again. Some people will find that their profile images have been ‘lost’ (they are actually still on the site but stored at the wrong address, so to speak) — if so, just upload another one.

There are broken links to some, but not all, profile images and to some of the images added to pages and also to blog and forum posts. I also discovered that the recent forum posts can be read via the “New in the Forums” module on the home page as usual, BUT the forums cannot yet be easily accessed via the “Dragonhenge Forums” link in the side menu or by clicking “View All” as some of the links on those pages still go to the .com and not the .spruz.com address. Other pages also have broken links. There’s some tidying up to be done by Admin (which is not me, by the way) but hopefully these problems can be easily fixed as time permits.

In the meantime, I’ve posted an explanation of a temporary workaround for this problem on the Dragonhenge forums here — but you have to be logged into Dragonhenge to read it. 🙂

Please remember to update any links to Dragonhenge that you have placed on other websites and also update the “Bookmarks” or “Favourites” links on your own computers or mobile devices!



One comment on “Dragonhenge Website

  1. Owwwww this Dragon made a prank! It’s him! Just look how he is happy about it! 🙂

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