Flicker …and Space Otters!


Playful little Flicker is the Dragon who chose to communicate with me today, and for some reason, he brought otters to my attention. Weird associations are happening this morning — must persevere and see where this leads.

Not sure why the connection with otters, though they are considered to be playful, and Flicker definitely has a young, baby-dragon playfulness about him, so I guess the two seem to go together. This association could also have come to mind because of Flicker’s link with the Galonglas project in Wales (click here to see the story of how Flicker came to be with me) — looking on the  Galonglas Tumblr page revealed that they have otters on their land. (I must look up the spiritual meaning of otters later.) I get the feeling Flicker is telling me to be more in touch with my playful side. My mindset has been rather serious and depressed lately and I need to snap out of it. This “channelling” if you could call it that, is definitely different to past experiences!

I’m being shown star constellations, including one called “The Otter”. I don’t know if this really exists or not — more research needed later. Now Flicker and I are flying and swirling around in space — just like otters swimming and tumbling around in the water. This otter thing is really persistent! Flicker has fire energy yet we are in water. Fire and Water together = steam. Steam is water and air (well, kinda). Water in Air becomes rain which falls to the Earth. This is a very odd thought stream. Energy, heat light, flame, power, movement, vitality, get-up-and-go (though I feel like my get-up-and-go has got up and gone, hehe).  Under pressure — steam — there it is again! Must move on.

Listen to the Dragons Flicker says (I really am trying to!) and be one with nature — absorb the elements — be one with them to experience and really feel them. This is the year of Water says Flicker the Fire Dragon, reiterating what has already been established within my Dark Moon Circle. Last year was a Fire year so I guess it makes sense to have my little Fire Dragon introducing me to Water through Otter symbolism. The water/fire/steam symbolism seems important also. Fire meets water — drive and determination meets emotion and creativity. Yet I’m feeling stuck now.

Nope, wow! — suddenly very unstuck — swirling around in the cold icy, nothingness of space again with Fire Dragons and otters — with stars, planets, constellations and galaxies as the backdrop — just like a NASA photograph! “Space” is not empty as it’s full of planets and stars (and otters apparently!) — stars are hot and fiery in the cold iciness of space — Fire and Ice! — which now reminds me of something I wrote a while back (as an answer to a specific question about a verse called “The Witch’s Wyrd” by Parker J. Torrence) as part of a project I never completed. I will get back to it one day and finish it.

I see Fire and Ice as polar opposites whose meeting brings about creation and inspiration. The heat, energy, power and passion of Fire transforms the cold Ice (which represents hidden potential) into Water which releases the flow of emotion and creativity. Steam is also produced which is in the realm of Air so thoughts, ideas and inspiration are birthed as well. Conversely, the Ice cools the Fire thereby hiding what could be made manifest.

The meeting of Fire and Ice creates a “between place” where the balance between the two is constantly shifting back and forth, i.e. the outcome or fate is constantly changing and this is the Witch’s Wyrd. Within this “between place” is where the Sacred Flame or Spark of Life or Spirit of all beings can be found.

So, Flicker has led me back to Fire and Ice and the “between place”. The balance certainly is shifting, though at the moment I feel quite unbalanced, not sure of where I’m going or why — and otters are on my mind! :::sigh:::

Ok, now for that extra research. There are lots of articles online about otter symbolism but this one stood out as being one of the best…

Otter Symbolism & Meaning 

Well, Flicker certainly got it right. I was blown away by the synchronicity with issues I’m dealing with right now. Thank you Flicker! 😀

So far I haven’t been able to find any info to confirm a constellation named “The Otter”. Otters appear in the mythology of various cultures so maybe there might be some reference within those stories but such information eludes me at the moment.

I even Googled “sky otter”, which turned up a beautiful image on DeviantArt which subsequently led to the discovery of a “space otter” image by the same artist which looks amazingly like a scene from my meditation/channelling experience with Flicker! 😀

space_otter_3_by_nanaleonti-da30dd4“Space Otter 3” by nanaleonti ~ nanaleonti.deviantart.com/gallery

 Maybe Flicker wanted me to find this artwork — simply because it’s fun!? 😀


Edit: I meditated and wrote this blog on Friday morning. On Friday night at Dark Moon Circle the person sitting next to me had Otter come to him as a guide during his meditation — totally unexpected! 😀

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