The Storm, the Dragons, the Witch & the Wedding


Once again the Dragons and I have worked weather magick, and in a most spectacular fashion! My niece’s wedding was to be held at a seaside public park called Glastonbury Gardens near Wollongong, NSW Australia. Storms and rain were forecast for the day, which of course would ruin the wedding as there was no undercover area to use as an alternative to the open air garden setting. But it wasn’t just “normal” rain that was forecast — at 3.46pm on Saturday (the afternoon of the wedding) the Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the Greater Wollongong area which warned of destructive winds, large hailstones and heavy rainfall that could lead to flash flooding. I had already started working with the Dragons well beforehand to create some fine weather for the wedding, and I was certainly not disappointed!

As the guests were taking their places on each side of the grassy aisle, delineated by rows of rose petals scattered either side, we kept glancing southward, looking with some trepidation at the ominous black clouds approaching from the south, bringing with them the occasional tiny hints of rain in the air at the wedding location. The wedding was scheduled to take place at 3:45pm but the bride hadn’t arrived yet and the storm was getting closer with each passing second. Finally the bride and her entourage arrived and by the time they had walked down the aisle and were all in place, standing at the beautifully decorated floral archway with the ceremony actually underway, it was around 4:05pm.

storm-approachingThe storm approaching from the south, just as the bridal party arrived at 4pm.

Meanwhile I had been seriously concentrating my efforts on repelling the storm by projecting my energy to the south and south-west in what would be considered by most people as a vain and delusional attempt to actually push the storm aside and out to sea by my own efforts. I felt this was far preferable than just asking the Dragons to do it all for me. After a while though I resumed silently speaking with the Dragons and was literally begging them at this stage to pleeeeeease move the storm away. It was difficult to remain confident that the rain would stay away, especially in the face of such visible evidence that the contrary was the more likely outcome, but I held my resolve and trusted that the Dragons would make it work …and they did! 😀

The wedding ceremony was completed and the many umbrellas brought along by the guests were not needed until much later! To my great relief and amazement the storm did actually move out to sea! 😮 At some point one of the guests looked at the weather bureau’s real-time radar maps on his phone and saw that there were severe storm cells over the whole area, except for a narrow corridor of fine weather between them which just happened to be directly over our location! Other guests were also marveling at this apparently miraculous and fortuitous development as the bridal party completed the formalities of signing the marriage register without so much as a single drop of rain to spoil the paper, despite major storms raging either side of the wedding location. Then the clouds parted, allowing the sun to shine brightly, so everyone stayed around for a while longer to have photos taken with the very happy and relieved newly-wed couple. 🙂 THANK YOU DRAGONS!!!! 😀 ❤

After a little while the sky became overcast again so everyone hastily retreated to their cars and drove to a bar/bistro to have pre-dinner drinks and canapés. My family drove elsewhere for a short while to see an historic family home in the area that was still in use, though not owned by the family anymore, and took a couple of photos for the family tree archives. By the time we eventually got to the bistro for canapés the rain had started bucketing down so umbrellas were needed for the dash across the carpark to get inside. Meanwhile the bridal party had been out having more photos taken with scenic ocean backdrops before it started raining again — the bride said later that even though they got caught in the rain it was still worth it for the photos they were able to get before the rain got too heavy. 🙂

Once inside the bistro, everyone was enjoying the food and drinks while watching the storm and the pouring rain outside. My sister-in-law came over to chat and asked me what I thought of the Glastonbury Gardens, as she knew I’d be impressed with the ‘witchy’ connection of the name with Glastonbury in the UK. I told her I loved the fact that the gardens shared the name but I hadn’t really thought about it too much at the time as I’d been focusing all my energy and attention on moving the storm out to sea so the wedding could go ahead. She then grinned knowingly and complimented me on my efforts. I coyly accepted her thanks, exchanging grins and winks and keeping it quiet from others at the table, though I did feel guilty about not being able to openly acknowledge the Dragons’ role in it all. Being a witch is one thing but Dragons? …well, that’s something I keep a little more private from most family members at this stage. We both looked at our watches and at the pouring rain outside. The formal reception was due to start in the building next door in about an hour but we would all have to walk outside to get there, so I told her I’d work on getting the rain stopped by that time …more quiet giggles and knowing looks were exchanged.

Naturally the Dragons stopped the rain at precisely the right time so everyone was able to walk to the reception centre without the need to raise umbrellas!! 😀 Woohoo!! Thank you again Dragons!! 😀

The wedding reception was very enjoyable and much fun was had on the night. The rain disappeared completely from our area and we were able to enjoy the view of the ocean from the open balcony of the function centre. While I was out on the balcony 3 of my other nieces came up to me rather excitedly and one said, “I hear we have you to thank for the weather!” I agreed I had tried my best and was maybe ‘kinda’ responsible for the clear skies — again more giggles, knowing looks, winks etc — but again I felt guilty about claiming all the ‘glory’ and not openly acknowledging the Dragons, but I’m sure the Dragons understood why it had to be that way.

Unfortunately, as the storms rolled through the surrounding areas and further north they continued to leave a trail of chaos and destruction in their wake, with large areas of greater Wollongong and Sydney badly affected (see links at bottom of page), but at least we were spared from that and the wedding was able to take place.

Much later on my brother (who likes to make jokes, every chance he gets, about me flying on my broom …haha) approached me with a rather quizzical expression on his face and told me I had gained quite a reputation over the course of the evening because of the much welcomed and well-timed weather improvements being attributed to my witchcraft abilities. I didn’t realise my sister-in-law and her 3 daughters would say anything about this but apparently word had spread to many more people. I was genuinely surprised and also rather embarrassed about this as I’m a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person and would rather keep it that way. I’m not sure how many of the other wedding guests (all adults by the way, as no children were present) now know I’m a witch, or how many are ‘believers’ or how many think it’s all a load of crap due solely to coincidence and that I’m a nut-case, but apparently I now have a ‘reputation’. Hmmm… I’m not sure that this is a good thing, but hopefully it’ll all be forgotten and nobody will be expecting weather ‘miracles’ or anything else at any other family gatherings.

…and the Bridal Shower

balloonsIn addition to needing decent weather for my niece’s wedding I also asked for fine weather for the bridal shower / kitchen tea party which was being held in southern Sydney for one of my Circle members on the following afternoon. Heavy rain had been forecast for Sunday but instead of turning the bridal shower into a literal shower, the Dragons blessed her with a pleasant sunny day with gentle, cool breezes and a very successful party where the guests all enjoyed fun party games and lots of yummy food under the shade of the beautiful big gum trees in her parents’ back yard.

Thank you Dragons for an excellent weekend!! 🙂 ❤

Dragons of Air before me
Dragons of Water behind me
Dragons of Fire to the left of me
Dragons of Earth to the right of me
Dragons of Light above me
Dragons of Darkness below me
Dragons of Chaos all around me

Great Dragons of Spirit within me.
Mighty Dragons, I thank thee!


See some photos of the Wollongong storm here:
See some Sydney photos here:

One comment on “The Storm, the Dragons, the Witch & the Wedding

  1. Billie Bruce says:

    I loved ​reading this. My love and fasination to dragons is beyond description. I know that I’m to follow the Draconian path and being a solitary witch makes it harder for me to get much needed information. I would be blessed with any kind of advice.
    Blessings to you

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