Dragon Weather Dreaming

summon_the_evening_dragon_by_hagge“Summon the Evening Dragon” by Hagge from hagge.deviantart.com/art/Summon-the-evening-dragon-63618486

Just some ramblings that evolved from a few quiet moments spent sitting outside on my verandah on different days, watching the weather, listening and waiting for Dragons, contemplating random thoughts…

Sweltering weather and peak fire danger with more of the same forecast for the next few days plus high winds = extreme danger. I asked the Dragons for protection, for cooler temperatures. The result? Unexpected rain! Safety! …and I gave thanks!! A southerly change brought cooler temperatures. Again no rain was expected but rain it did …thank you Dragons!!

2nd February ~ Today is Lughnasadh in the southern hemisphere. The Dragons of Air blow a cooling south-easterly wind. Temperatures are forecast to climb over the next few days reaching a peak on Sunday then storms on Tuesday and rain Wednesday. I must ask for protection again. I ask the Dragons to demonstrate their presence and suddenly the wind picks up and grows and grows much stronger than it has been! A feeling of excitement builds within me! I thank them, then the wind drops back to a gentler breeze.

The Dragons’ energy swirls around me. I close my eyes and see streams of energy in my mind’s eye, with many coloured Dragons gliding on the currents. Of course they probably don’t really look that way. It’s just the image I identify with Dragons that I see. They come to me in a familiar form for my benefit to aid connection.

The Dragons of Air continue to fly all around, their wings whipping up the wind followed by a lull in the breeze as they glide. The lower level of grey clouds — Water and Air together — are swept along, revealing gaps in the upper white fluffy layers where the Dragons of Fire peek through in the form of sunlight, warming the Earth below.

Dragons are natural forces, the energy of the land, the sea and the sky. Weather magick with the assistance of Dragons is very powerful and not to be abused by constant petitions for “good” weather for unimportant reasons. Show responsibility and they will help with protection of lives and property. Honour and respect them always …and remember there can be unpleasant consequences for lack of respect and misuse of power.

I petition for rain to soak into the ground to nourish and enliven the dry bush to become green and fire resistant, wind to blow any fires that eventuate back on themselves if necessary to extinguish the danger. Rain to quench the fires and allow animals to escape to a safe place. Fire is regenerative in the Australian bush, but only in comparative “moderation” — raging infernos fuelled by fierce, dry, hot winds strip the land of plants and of animals who have no chance of escape, in addition to the obvious danger to human life and property. Living in a bushland setting means being constantly aware of the potential danger, especially on scorching hot days, hence the need and desire to work weather magick with the Dragons.

Lughnasadh marks the beginning of the harvest season. Though not quite the same as Lammas, many Neopagans use the names almost interchangeably for the first harvest festival. Lammas (loaf-mass) is also a Christian holiday and it was customary to bring to church a loaf made from the newly harvested wheat.

Bread is symbolic of love and nurture, food and survival. Then I started thinking about bread in relation to the elements and the Dragon…

Earth — the flour and other ingredients grown of the land — the body of the Dragon.

Water — the life-blood of the Dragon to mix with the Earth to form the dough.

Air — the bubbles that rise within the mixture, plus the heat that surrounds it while in the Fire of the oven — the breath of the Dragon.

Spirit — symbolic of the Dragon within the final form — the loaf that has been birthed by the combination of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

To eat this bread is symbolic of being one with the Dragon, to eat of the Dragon yet not to harm or destroy, to be nourished and fed from the Dragon’s wisdom.

8th February ~ Almost another week has passed with days of extreme temperatures punctuated by short bursts of rain. The Dragons have been listening, at least here in my local surrounds. Once again rain has fallen even though not forecast or expected, a few days before the Water Dragon Attunement Workshop …such synchronicity! The parched land has been refreshed just a little before another 4 days of impending high temperatures. Thank you Dragons!

14th February ~ Yet again, the soaring temperatures were lowered abruptly by a cooling change that came through 2 to 3 days earlier than expected. The day of the Dragon Attunement Workshop (12th) was a much cooler 27 degrees C instead of the previously forecast 40 something, and was followed by another cool southerly change and more cleansing rain.

At the beginning of the Dragon workshop, there was another little moment of synchronicity when Janine, the organiser of the event, started talking about working with the Dragons to change the weather and warned that such actions are to be undertaken with great responsibility and not used flippantly for silly reasons. Interesting that she should say this after I had been very aware of the same thing during the preceding couple of weeks while doing my own bit of weather-working with the Dragons. We were obviously on the same wavelength! 😉

dragon-skies1Beautiful cloudy sky! Front yard at 7:48pm on 12th Feb — light misty rain moving north.
dragon-skies2Backyard sunset sky at 8:00pm on 12th Feb.

It was bucketing down here this morning (14th) even though there was only a “10% chance of rain” according to the weather bureau. Yes, the Water Dragons are listening as we attune to them! 🙂


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