Atama & Erissa

27th January 2017

atama1erissa1Today I decided to adopt a couple of GemChip Baby Dragons — Atama and Erissa — from Tysha’s Dragonwys store on Etsy. I’ve admired Tysha’s Dragon babies for quite a while but never bought/adopted any until today. I love how each one already has a name before they are adopted and they each have very individual personalities. I’m sooooo looking forward to their arrival and introducing them to the rest of my Crystal Dragon Clan where I’m sure they will be made to feel very welcome.

I’ve copied the descriptions and their photos from the Etsy page and added them below…


Atama is made from drilled Amethyst gemstone chips with Selenite wings, all encased in clear resin. Amethyst is said to be able to transform negative energy into love, it’s keywords are: Mental Powers, Divine Love, Balance. Selenite is a variety of gypsum and it’s name comes from the Greek ‘Selene’, meaning Moon. It is said to be a stone of truth, honesty and mental clarity. It is also a wonderful stone for working with the moon and/or angels.


Erissa is made from drilled Topaz gemstone chips, encased in clear resin. She is a very loving little girl, and looks forward to meeting her new guardian.

Each Dragon (roughly 2 and a half inches long) comes with their own adoption card that contains tips on how to care for your new baby dragon ^_^

7th February 2017 ~ They arrived today! 😀 ❤

I’m so happy they’ve arrived safe and sound today! First of all they were welcomed by me, then by Haldor, my sodalite Dragon who likes to sit on his own little table on top of my desk and beside my computer. Atama, who is a little more adventurous than Erissa, then decided they should go out into the sunlight and explore a few places in my garden. Erissa was a bit reluctant at first but eventually she agreed that it would be fun and a nice change after being in total darkness on their long journey tucked up snugly inside their cocoons of bubble wrap.  After their outdoor playtime they came inside again and met the rest of my Crystal Dragon Clan. I’m looking forward to getting to know them both a lot more as they settle in to their new home.

The photos below show them meeting Haldor, exploring a jade plant and some twigs, then meeting the Clan, followed by finding their preferred resting places on my altar. 🙂 (Click images to enlarge)



5 thoughts on “Atama & Erissa

  1. I have adopted several of these baby dragons, eight, in fact, and they are incredibly lovely! Also Tysha is a personal friend of mine with a loving personality, so I do not think you will be dissapointed. 🙂

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  2. They are sooo cute 😀

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  3. do they carry the properties of the stone they are encased in?

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    1. Yes, I believe they do hold the properties of their crystals, though each hatchling would be influenced by those properties slightly differently (or vice versa). They are all individuals after all. 🙂


  4. LOVE this post, I have one, Jewel, who travels with me in my van, she sits on the dashboard right in front of me, safely blutacked down because her claws won’t dig into the vinyl. Two more live in my heath and I love them both dearly. My hearth is also my Altar. Loving your set up. Blessed Be

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