Thinning Veils & Time Tangles


Once again I tried to connect with my Crystal Dragon Clan in preparation for a meditation with one of them. This time I instinctively knew that  Thorgründ, the ancient grandfatherly being within my Hematite Crystal Dragon Skull, wished to communicate with me.

I saw streams of particles flowing in an endless, circular motion, folding back on themselves and through themselves forming a myriad of free-flowing knots or tangles. I ‘heard’ a silent voice in my mind saying:

“As you know from other meetings with us, we flow between the particles of time. Solidity is an illusion and we flow within, without, around and through. The essence of us is within you — we are separate yet one. Where a stream folds in on itself are opportunities to go forward or backward time, to see what has been and what might be, in many different realms. Multiple time streams of your realm and others flow through and around each other providing endless possibilities and infinite permutations. The knots of intertwined streams are particularly interesting with infinite opportunities to move between alternate possibilities. The moments that you call Beltane and Samhain are two such knots. The veils can be described as the relative distance between the time streams of the different realms, and as that distance decreases the veils are said to be thinning. Contact and communication between the different streams is facilitated as they overlap and intertwine so closely. We are the one and the many.”

Suddenly I was flying on the back of a huge metallic grey Dragon. I could feel a sensation akin to buffeting wind and the pull of gravity as we hurtled through space past planets and stars. The feeling was pure joy and exhilaration!

Just as suddenly as it started, my flight was now over as the ‘real world’ intruded into my reverie. Bugger! 😡 I really need to practise meditation more often so I can ‘zone out’ more effectively to shut out all the distracting noises around me. Oh well, though I would have preferred the experience to last longer I’m happy with what I was given. 🙂

Now, to contemplate what this all means for me as the tangle of time streams and other realms, known as Beltane, swiftly approaches.



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  1. I have walked this path for many years without knowing the name. These writings are teaching me as well as verifying what I have lived. Thank you for offering these teachings. I consider myself a young student. Even though I am a Crone. I will watch for all new offering and read every word.
    Blessings and love
    Dreamers Dream

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