World Dragon Day 2016

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11th October 2016 ~ World Dragon Day will be held on 15th October this year. (See my previous posts at WDD 2014 and WDD 2015 for more info.) As usual I will be taking part by connecting with the energies of the ‘rolling rainbow wave of Dragon energy’ around the world via private meditation at my home.

World Dragon Day 2016 is coming… it’s Saturday 15th of October!

People around the planet will be celebrating Dragon Energy and the wonderful Dragons – and you can get involved! People from many cultures and traditions will be connecting and coming together in this worldwide event. You can organize your own gathering or event too… Please tell us if you’re holding one! You can find out about the events and connect with other people who love Dragons at

We will be having a Worldwide Meditation Wave that you can join that will roll around the Earth… You can join in at 7.00pm your local time – or 19.00 UT/GMT. Feel free to celebrate in your own way! Invite your friends, honour and celebrate the wonderful Dragons, and have fun!

Links to the World Dragon Day website and Facebook group can also be found towards the bottom of the navigation menu at the right side of this Dragon Dreaming blog page …just scroll down and click on the relevant images.

This year is a “Fire” year for me (based on work being done within the Dark Moon group I am a part of here in Sydney) so I have created my poster this year from photos I took at Beltane last year which showed lots of Dragons lurking in the flames! The individual flame Dragons have not been Photoshopped by the way (apart from one being reversed and featured twice) — they really did show up in the photos looking just like that! 😀 The pretty colours in the flames are from the “Mystical Fire” sachets thrown into the fire which gave it an extra magical look (see some of the original photos here).

For the last 2 World Dragon Days I have also worked on a Dragon mask each time which has then been completed at my group’s Beltane weekend a short time later. As I now have a full set of elemental Dragon masks (Fire, Water, Spirit, Earth and Air) I will not be making a mask this year and my group has other activities planned.


Unsettling Full Moon Energy

14th October 2016 ~ In the last couple of days leading up to WDD and the full moon I have been noticing some interesting synchronicities, not all of which have been particularly pleasant, but very important reminders of the Dragons’ presence all the same (especially so after my last meditation with them).

On the 12th, the day after after I wrote the first part of this blog post, I discovered the truth about why an old and dear school friend had broken off all contact with me 2 years ago, ignoring my attempts to contact her over the last 2 years. I had sent her an email the day before informing her of a school reunion next year and this time she finally replied.

It all comes down to perception. I won’t go into detail but suffice to say that this friend assumed I had taken on a particular attitude toward her and her family during our last few conversations, which I had in fact NOT done at all! I was totally shocked and hurt that she would think such things of me, and I was also confused as to exactly how we could each have such different perceptions of the same events. I read and re-read her email, wondering how or even if to reply. Eventually, after 2 full days of mulling it over, asking the Dragons for their assistance to help me express myself clearly and respectfully, writing and re-writing my thoughts on the matter, I sent off my reply, politely and honestly explaining my view of the situation …speaking my truth, from the heart. I don’t know if she will ever reply. I guess it doesn’t matter now as we have both said our piece. I’ve seen other people’s long term friendships disintegrate due to each person having a different perception of the same event or situation, so I suppose this is just one more of the same. 😥

Synchronicity  ~ I just happened to read some astrology articles posted by friends on Facebook about the energies of the upcoming Aries full moon. Prior to this I had not taken any notice of what the moon sign was so I really had no idea what to expect. The information fitted my situation so well! “It’s time to heal physical, mental, emotional, conscious & unconscious wounds. Now is the time to move on. It’s an opportunity to move onward and up in our lives. It’s the perfect time to act. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it. Break free of toxic people in your life. Go with the flow.” I find it interesting that my friend, who has no interest or belief in astrology or metaphysical things in general, should choose this time to contact me! Even the part about breaking free from toxic people applies, though I guess in this case, based on what she wrote to me, I would be the toxic person in her life. 😥

I felt very strongly that I needed to speak my truth, respectfully and politely, and tell her how I felt about the situation and reassure her that NO, I certainly did not hold the view she thought I did. After doing so I felt a sense of peace, knowing I had done the right thing and that it was finally done after 2 days of procrastination about replying and not being certain if I should do it at all.

At the Full Moon Circle later this same night I randomly drew a crystal oracle card, along with everyone else, as part of the ritual. Turning the card over revealed the crystal on my card was Turquoise. “The meaning for turquoise is all about clear communication and speaking one’s truth! Turquoise brings emotional balance and empowers the shy and timid (definitely me!) and helps one to communicate from the heart. It offers a healing vibrational energy that can help people emotionally, spiritually and physically.” I took this sign to be a validation from the Dragons that I had done the right thing.

15th October 2016 – WORLD DRAGON DAY ~ We each had a candle to burn as part of the previous night’s ritual, which needed to be finished off at home, so on WDD I surrounded my candle with pieces of turquoise (and turquoise coloured stones which I think were turquoise – it’s the intent which counts).


I was feeling a bit down after the last few days and there was a lot of activity and noise in my home due to other family members and their friends visiting, so I didn’t really have the opportunity to meditate and connect with the Dragons in the way that I had hoped I would be able to. However, to honour the Dragons, I did light the first fire in a fire pit that my family and I had built recently in our backyard, which I thought was quite appropriate for my personal Fire year, and I think the Dragons approved! 😀 At least for a short time I had some solitude by the fire where I was able to relax and commune with the Dragons a little, while watching the almost-full moon rise up through the trees on this beautiful clear night …it was around 8pm, only about one hour past the 7pm time suggested for the WDD meditation (and without daylight savings time it was still really 7pm here anyway, lol).


16th October 2016 ~ I was woken around 5:30am by the loud and persistent cries of the koels. As I lay there listening to the birds I realised it was approaching 19:00UT/GMT (11 hour time difference) so once again I tried to tap into the “Rolling Wave of Dragon Energy” circulating around the globe as a result of all the World Dragon Day meditations and activities, but unfortunately I fell asleep again. Oh well, the Dragons know I tried.

Beltane Approaches!

17th October 2016 ~ As mentioned earlier, I won’t be making another Dragon mask at my group’s Beltane Weekend in 2 weeks time. I still didn’t know what craft activity I would do and didn’t have any inspiration until yesterday, the day of the full moon, when a friend posted a photo on Facebook of what looked like a Dragon staff. On closer inspection it was made from a canine-looking skull which, after I found the artist’s website, turned out to be a coyote skull. The artwork on the whole thing was quite stunning and suddenly I felt inspired to try to create something similar – or different – or however mine might turn out – using a fox skull which my son said I could have. He found the skull in the bush near a park a few years ago (poor fox was probably a victim of baiting/poisoning conducted by the local council) and brought it home where I helped him to get it clean. It had sat in a box in the garage ever since.

I also happen to have a lovely piece of a Bauhinia branch, which my eldest son cut to the right length for a staff, stripped and sanded smooth for me a few years back when we had to prune the tree. The top of this as yet undecorated staff was cut at an oblique angle for some reason and I always thought I would probably need to cut it again before attaching anything to the top. However, when the fox skull is placed against the sloped cut on the branch it sits at a similar angle to the coyote skull on the staff/wand in the photo that was shared on FB — like it was meant to be! Gotta love synchronicity! 😉

So, at this stage I think my Beltane craft project this year might be a DragonFox staff. It won’t be the only fox I’ll have as I made a fox mask at one of our Beltane weekends many years ago and that fox mask sits on the wall with all my Dragon masks. 😀


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    Tomorrow is World Dragon Day and it’s my first so I’m very exited

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