Dragon Flame Breathing Meditation


A little idea I had to help deal with anger & frustration which cannot otherwise be acted upon…

Before starting this meditation you will need to prepare a glass of cool (not cold) water. Sit in a comfortable position, with your glass of water within easy reach on a table or other surface beside you.

Visualise your Dragon-self standing in front of your human-self breathing dragon flames at you which you inhale, with the flames flowing through your human body and mind and burning away all the angry thoughts and physical sensations of anger which are then exhaled by you as a burst of smoke and ashes to blow away in the wind. With each inhalation of dragon fire the subsequent exhalations become clearer and cleaner until there is no anger left to burn and no smoke or ashes coming out. Maybe have a drink of water afterwards and visualise cool, calm, peaceful energy flowing into your human-self along with your Dragon-self stepping in and merging with your human body/mind to give you strength and confidence to stay calm and empowered.


(Image from https://wallpaperaccess.com/chinese-earth-dragon)

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