Ouromundi Sunlight


I asked my Dragon Clan for assistance, hoping that one would come forward, but I couldn’t sense anyone in particular. So, I tried to relax and meditate on my own. My meditation eventually began, clouded with feelings of confusion and disillusionment.

I suddenly found myself soaring to the heights with my dragon wings outstretched, circling around and around …waiting for an answer to an unfathomable question, trapped in an endless cycle. I felt unfocused and in need of direction. I felt as if everything in my life was in chaos and falling apart, breaking down into tiny fragments. A sense of frustration and lack of progress pervaded …though with no direction, how could progress be measured? What is “progress”? I needed guidance and to start afresh. We are here, they are there, how do I connect?

As if in answer I felt a sudden shift in focus back to the Dragon Skulls and Ouromundi (the being that resides inside my Obsidian Dragon Skull) came forward to fly silently and invisibly with me.

I descended into a dark expansive tunnel, flying faster and going deeper and deeper. I noticed the entrances to side tunnels flashing by; alternative paths not taken …this time. Spiraling down, down, down, I saw a warm orange glow ahead. As I approached I could see a large fire burning in the middle of a huge womb-like cavern at the end of the tunnel. I landed at the entrance to the cavern and immediately felt a sense of both physical and emotional warmth, comfort and nurturing inside and instinctively knew I must now focus and explore the cave. I ‘heard’ a silent message saying, “Here is a window to reality, the soul and to the outside”. It didn’t make sense to me but I guessed that maybe it didn’t need to …perhaps it would make sense later.

Feeling a little confused I glided around the fire and saw an opening in the back of the cave, behind the fire, like a big window on a daylight scene of a large grassy field dotted with yellow flowers and flanked by trees on the far side. There was bright sunlight and a  feeling of happiness and contentment in the blue sky with white fluffy clouds. I took a step or two back to be inside the cave, beside the comforting and comparatively familiar fire. From there I watched as a large black Dragon came out of the trees across the other side of the grassy field. I walked out of the cave and into the sunlight again to greet the Dragon.  The Dragon of course was Ouromundi and he silently spoke with me, telling me of the many things I must do; ordinary, mundane things to get my life in order, things I had forgotten or neglected …the magickal things would all fall into place later.


I need a fresh start and Spring is the impetus to set new goals — realistic goals, both magickal and mundane. I need to dispel the current disillusionment and lethargy surrounding so many things in my life and to step back and focus on my own physical and mental health instead of on everything else and everybody else. It’s quite obvious really and I didn’t think I needed a Dragon to tell me this but perhaps I’ve sunk so low they are telling me anyway. :::sigh:::

Illusions, glamours, trickery and lies all need to be stripped away for a fresh start — get back to basics and build up from there. As for faith and belief? I’m told I need grounding, cleansing and to strip away the crap — easier said than done. My Obsidian Dragon represents a solid foundation and support to start again.

Are these disjointed thoughts imaginings or messages? …or are they one and the same?

The Dragon lay on the grass and I snuggled up to him, cradled in the safety of his large arms and wings. My thoughts were all muddled and I needed calm reassurance from the Dragon Ouromundi.

I looked up into the sky and saw other Dragons flying high above dipping, diving and rolling through the clouds — so free and carefree. One day that will be me too but for now I have work to do. I felt safe and calm with Ouromundi, on the grass amongst the yellow flowers in the warmth of the sun. I could sleep there forever with him safely shielding me. He brought his head low beside me so I could look straight into one of his very large, dark eyes which suddenly transformed into a kaleidoscope of swirling rainbow colours. I fell into the Eye of the Dragon, and once again I had wings. I flew through the vortex with great speed, feeling exhilarated in the rush of the wind. I flew out the other side and turned back to see the vortex snap shut and disappear. The air was now still and my wings were gone, but I knew I could return at any time.

I looked at the Obsidian Dragon Skull before me on the shelf — so smooth and shiny, a portal to another dimension yet solid, grounding, cleansing and healing, with a sense of reassuring strength and beauty giving me the wisdom and confidence to start again and rebuild.

I guess most people would say it’s just a carved lump of rock, but …I’m not “most people”. 😉


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