My “New” FAQ page

It's now just FAQs

Just over a year ago I published my contact page which had some FAQs on it which I hoped people would read before contacting me with certain questions. I also added a contact form to the page for use if not making a comment on a specific post. Previously the Home page and the Introduction page had by default become general contact pages via their comment sections so I thought this would be an improvement.

I had no idea this would increase the number of emails I received as much as it did! Many people wrote intelligently, asking legitimate questions that I was happy to answer. However, many more did not and bordered on being spam, while others definitely were spam, and still more asked questions about all the things in my FAQs which I had specifically requested that people not ask me about anymore as the answers were already supplied clearly on that page, right above the contact form so they’d be easy to find. Silly me! …I assumed people would actually reeeeeead what I wrote! :::sigh:::

One year on and I’ve definitely had enough of my Contact page, so it is gone! It has been transformed into the FAQ page with an open comments section at the bottom. As these normal page comments will not be sent to me as separate emails I will not feel obliged to answer every single one if I don’t feel like it, and the ones I approve will be public so anyone else can jump in and provide an answer if they wish.

Just trying to cut back on some things and simplify my life so I can concentrate on what’s really important to me. 😀


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