The Power of Dragon Magick


Over the last couple of months I (and possibly others) have been working some magick with the Dragons to facilitate a homecoming of sorts …a return to a preferred venue for a Pagan group I’m a member of. I found out a few days ago that this work was successful! Woohoo!!! 😀 Thank you Dragons!! ❤

Some background info…

After hiring the same community hall for our meetings for nearly 13 years, our Pagan Circle moved (in March 2014) to a privately run venue further north — a spiritual centre created by our High Priestess to be a “a meeting place that is supportive of all spiritual belief systems, to enrich people’s lives through education and spiritual healing practices as well as being available to the spiritual community for training, classes, seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings and psychic readings”. Her relatively new private business venture had survived its first 12 months and business had gradually improved since its opening day in March 2013. So, rather than continuing to hire/lease 2 venues, it made sense to move our Pagan Circle activities to the spiritual centre for our Full Moon and Dark Moon circles. Even though it would involve a little extra travelling time for most Circle members we felt it was the smart thing to do.

The spiritual centre had a cosy and more private feel to it and we settled in comfortably to our new home. However, after only 2 years of operation the centre was forced to close down because of the local council’s refusal to approve a development application, due mainly to unfounded and fabricated complaints by disgruntled, bigoted people in the area. Discrimination was alive and well and anything even slightly non-mainstream (ie non-Christian) just wasn’t going to survive in that area. So, as well as our High Priestess’s personally owned business being shut down, our group was now homeless!

The original community hall we used was no longer available on Friday nights (the only night that suited the whole group) but our HPs was able to secure the Friday night hire of another community hall nearby the closed spiritual centre. The hall seemed to be ok at first, and at least we had somewhere to hold our meetings, but unfortunately the design of this building meant that any strangers wandering around outside were able to look in at us through the many full-length glass doors all along one side of the building. This didn’t happen very often but it was unsettling when it did occur. Noise was also a problem as some of these people (mainly youths, possibly affected by alcohol or other substances) were rather loud — it certainly ruined our meditations at those times! After a year of using this ‘new’ community hall we all longed to return to our original location further south (even though it seemed impossible) where the windows were too high to see inside and there were way fewer incidences of people hanging around the building at night.

The intent…

I suggested that we should request assistance from the Dragons to get back to our ‘home’. My idea was to ask the Dragons to ‘help’ the current Friday night users of our original venue to decide that another night of the week or a different venue would suit them better, so they would no longer require ‘our’ hall on Friday nights. This idea seemed acceptable to everyone as it was more honourable than just requesting that the other people be kicked out or whatever — we didn’t feel it was right to leave them homeless, lol.

Sooo, as already stated at the beginning, I engaged in some serious spellwork (which I will not elaborate on) in partnership with the Dragons to help this much desired result come about. I’m always amazed when I witness the power of Dragon Magick, and this time was no exception.

The result…

Our HPs recently decided to make one more enquiry about the availability of our old stamping ground and was pleasantly surprised (shocked actually) to be told that we could again book Friday nights for our regular meetings there! So, she hurriedly submitted all the relevant paperwork, and with the Dragons’ blessing we begin 2016 back at ‘home’! 😀

Thank you Dragons!

Dragon of Air before me
Dragon of Water behind me
Dragon of Fire to the left of me
Dragon of Earth to the right of me
Dragon of Light above me
Dragon of Darkness below me
Dragon of Chaos all around me

Great Dragon of Spirit within me.
Mighty Dragons, I thank thee!

2 comments on “The Power of Dragon Magick

  1. joeunjinsei says:

    Glad to hear you’re all back home. 🙂 I love that closing piece. It’s so powerful.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nufuwyr Dragon says:

    It’s kinda sad it really happened to you back then. Thought about Australian society being free from such situations… That surprised me really. Glad you made it in the end! Really great 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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