My Air Dragon Mask

AD-10Dragon of Air

Once again I made a Dragon mask while at the Beltane weekend retreat held from 6th to 8th November 2015 by my local Pagan group in Sydney, Australia. On previous retreats I have made a Fire Dragon Mask, Water Dragon Mask, Spirit Dragon Mask and Earth Dragon Mask (which you can see by clicking on each name).

Progress photos of the Air Dragon mask…

I associate the element of Air with east and sunrise so my Dragon of Air has been decorated with the colours of sunrise. Although I start out with a general idea of what my mask will look like I never know exactly how it will evolve during the decorating process. This is the most flamboyant mask I’ve made so far …it has a rather Mardi Gras and Las Vegas showgirl look about it, lol. 😀

masks-altar-nov-2015My altar and masks (click to enlarge)

Spheres Of Light Beltane Weekend Retreat
6th-8th November 2015

I took lots of photos of our Beltane fire on the Saturday night and found a few dragons lurking in the flames. 😉 The pretty colours are from the “Mystical Fire” sachets thrown into the fire which gave the fire an extra magical look. 🙂

Dragons in the Fire

FD-1 FD-2 FD-3 FD-4 FD-5

At the end of each workshop we take a group photo of us all wearing our masks. 🙂


(Click images to enlarge)


2 comments on “My Air Dragon Mask

  1. hiramash says:

    Hello, Topaz Dragon,

    Your mask is really a great piece, but if I remember, you have already one, haven’t you ?



  2. Thanks Hiramash! 😀 I have 4 other Dragon masks — 1 each for Fire, Water, Spirit and Earth — this one is for Air. 🙂



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