World Dragon Day 2015

This year World Dragon Day will be held on the 24th October (see my post on WDD 2014 for some background info). Once again I will be taking part and ‘tapping into’ the energies of the ‘rolling rainbow wave of Dragon energy’ around the world via private meditation at my home.

There will be a worldwide meditation at 7.00 pm your local time on World Dragon Day. You can join in and connect with people – and Dragons – all over the world! Or you can tune in at 19.00 GMT/UT (7pm local time). Last year, lots of people had wonderful experiences and surprising journeys…!

Rather than make a new rainbow banner I’ve used the same one I made last year (below) and just changed the date. 🙂

WorldDragonDayRainbow2015(Click image to go to WDD website)

There are many Dragon-related events and workshops happening around the world so to find out more about World Dragon Day, and to see what events are happening in your area please click on the rainbow banner above to go to the WDD website, and/or go to the WDD Facebook page and the WDD Facebook group…

World Dragon Day Facebook Page


World Dragon Day Facebook Group


Last year my personal advertising banner I made was Earth themed. This year I’ve designed my new banner with an Air theme. 😀

(Click image to enlarge)

In addition to taking part in the world-wide meditation I will, as last year, be honouring the Dragons by working on my next Dragon mask — Dragon of Air — which will be completed at my Sydney Pagan group’s Beltane retreat held from 6th to 8th of November. I’ll post photos of my mask here along with photos of my WDD 2015 altar etc.

My Altar on World Dragon Day

WDD2015-2(Click image to enlarge)

This year my altar includes 3 bowls, one each of water for the Dragon of Sea (Realm of the Past), salt for the Dragon of Land (Realm of the Present), incense for the Dragon of Sky (Realm of the Future) and a candle in the middle to represent the Sacred Flame.

WDD2015-4(Click image to enlarge)

My Air Dragon Mask

Due to time constraints and many other commitments I didn’t manage to start this mask on WDD but I did at least think about it then and get a few ideas for how it might finally look, before finally getting the construction underway on 4th November (just 2 days before the Beltane retreat at which I planned to complete the mask). Details of how the mask was made can be found here.



Free Dragon Meditation MP3 from the
Scottish Dragon Wisdom School

(Click on screenshot below to download the meditation for free.)


2 comments on “World Dragon Day 2015

  1. Wendy says:

    I just found your blog today as I was preparing for World Dragon Day at 7:00p. I am impressed with the range of information you have collected all in one place and also the look of the pages. It was fun scrolling through the articles. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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