Draconic Middle Pillar Exercise

I recently wrote and explained how I created a Draconic Qabalistic Cross Ritual based on the traditional Qabalah ritual. The Middle Pillar exercise is another basic magical technique that many believe every practitioner should know, but I’ve had the same issue of not feeling I could properly connect with the energies of this exercise unless I visualize some form of Draconic connection. I know many people will disagree with making any changes at all to both the QC and the MP exercise, and many will also disagree with mixing what are essentially Judaeo-Christian based rituals with the Draconic path. For a general introduction to the Middle Pillar Exercise see here [1].

Combination of Golden Dragon energy up from the Earth and MP “Universal” energy in from the crown/Kether.

The Middle Pillar Exercise

Pick a time when you know that you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes and attempt to keep this time as regularly as possible, preferably first thing in the morning but evening is also good.

Step 1 — Centre yourself by standing with your arms to your sides and your feet forward. If you are sitting then make sure that your legs are at a right-angle with your back straight, your chin tucked comfortably looking straight ahead, and your arms resting on your knees.

Step 2 — Centre yourself by taking note of your environment and allowing every noise, twitch, and thought to just be. Awareness of your sphere of sensation is vital in your magical training and by simply setting the intent that will allow these things to simply be, you will establish control over your mind. If you need to move or scratch during the exercise then do so without berating yourself, but do it gently and gracefully as if your were attending to Royalty.

Step 3 — Focus on your breathing, allow it to settle into a rhythmic pattern, then breathe in for 2, hold for 2, breathe out for 2, hold for 2, and so on for a couple of minutes.

Step 4 — Follow the instructions in “Establishing the Pillar” below.

Meaning of the Divine Names


YOD HEH VAV HEH ELOHIM — The Lord God (The Dragon)

YOD HEH VAV HEH ELOAH VAV DAATH — The Lord God of Knowledge (The Dragon of Knowledge)

SHADDAI EL CHAI — Almighty Living God (Almighty Living Dragon)

ADONAI HAARETZ — The Lord of Earth (The Dragon of Earth)

Vibrate each name at least 4 times each.

Establishing the Pillar


middle-pillarAfter a few minutes of relaxation, imagine a sphere of white light just above your head. Vibrate the name Eheieh (pronounced Eh-hey-yay, meaning I am). Keep vibrating this word until it is the only thought in your conscious mind. Then imagine a shaft of light descending from your Kether center to your Daath center at the nape of the neck.


Form a sphere of light at the Daath center. Vibrate the name YHVH Elohim (pronounced Yode-heh-vav-heh El-oh-heem, meaning Lord of Hosts — think The Dragon).


Bring a shaft of light down from the Daath center to the Tiphareth center around your heart. Form a sphere of light there. Vibrate the name YHVH Eloah ve-Daath (pronounced Yode-heh-vav-heh El-oh-ah v’-Dah-ath, meaning Lord of Knowledge — think Dragon of Knowledge).


See the shaft of light descending from Tiphareth into the Yesod center in the genital region. Imagine a sphere of light formed there. Intone the name Shaddai El Chai (pronounced Shah-dye El-Chai meaning Almighty Living God — think Almighty Living Dragon). (a)


Visualize the shaft of light descending from Yesod into your Malkuth center at the feet and ankles. Vibrate the name Adonai ha-Aretz (pronounced Ah-doe-nye ha-Ah-retz, meaning Lord of Earth — think Dragon of Earth).

Visualize the Middle Pillar complete.

Circulating the light

Then circulate the light you have brought down through the Middle Pillar around the outside of your body to strengthen your aura (Perform each circulation a number of times.):

Circulation One: Side to Side

Using the cycles of rhythmic breathing, bring the light down one side of the body and up the other, from Kether to Malkuth and back to Kether. Exhale and visualize the light descending the left side of the body. Inhale and imagine the light ascending the right side of the body back to Kether. (b)

Circulation Two: Front to Back

After performing this for a short space of time, imagine the ribbon of light descending from Kether down the front of your body to Malkuth and rising up your back, returning again to Kether. (c)

Circulation Three: The Shower of Light

Still employing rhythmic breathing, visualize the sphere of Malkuth, then see the shaft of light rising up the Middle Pillar in the center of your body. When it reaches Kether, imagine a shower of light cascading down the outside of your body as it descends to Malkuth again. Circulate the light in this manner for some time.

Circulation Four: The Ascending Spiral

Then see the light rise again in a ribbon that spirals around the outside of your body from Malkuth to Kether. (d)


Finally focus some of the energy back into your Tiphareth center, the seat of equilibrium and balance.

Adding Color

Once the ritual becomes familiar, try adding color to the spheres. While white light contains all colors within it, visualizing the spheres in color can strengthen the individual energy of each.

Colors in the LBR

Ateh – White
Malkuth – Brown, or russet – olive – citrine – black
Ve-Geburah – Red
Ve – Gedula – Blue
Le-Olam – Yellow
Visualize the complete cross in white.

East – a yellow pentagram
South – a red pentagram
West – a blue pentagram
North – a green pentagram

Colors in the Middle Pillar

Kether – White
Daath – Lavender or grey
Tiphareth – Yellow
Yesod – Violet
Malkuth – Traditionally a swirl of russet, olive, citrine and black. Or simply brown.


(a) The “ch” in Chai is to be pronounced like the “ch” in the Scottish word loch. The word rhymes with “eye.”

(b) The direction of this circulation (down the left and up the right) has a tendency to energize power in the Middle Pillar, resulting in a feeling of energy increase and a swelling in the Body of Light. The other direction (down the right and up the left) tends to relax the energy body, possibly resulting in a trance-state.

(c) This direction of circulated energy tends to cleanse the Subtle Body.

(d) In his early works, Regardie advocated using the Ascending Spiral circulation. In his later works, he replaced this circulation with the Shower of Light. Some students still enjoy the Ascending Spiral circulation, so it is included it here as an option. [2]

[1] jenwytch.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/the-qabalistic-cross-the-middle-pillar
[2] http://www.hermeticgoldendawn.org/

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