Arcadia …a flight of destiny!

I first saw a photograph of a red jasper Dragon that I liked on 8th December 2014, on a Facebook page associated with the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School run by Alphedia. I fell in love with this particular Dragon right then and there, even though there were 3 other red jaspers in the photo (along with a few other types). However there was no pricing information yet and I was uncertain as to whether I should buy him, even if the price was right, so I waited …and waited.


Due to the holiday season, busy family life, trips away etc and no spare time, it took until the 31st January 2015 for Alphedia to finally post the prices of the Dragons in this photo online in her various Facebook pages and groups. It appeared that he was still available (though a couple of others were not) so I hoped that maybe he was meant for me. 😀

I quickly sent off a request to buy him. Due to the 11 hour time difference it was daytime here in Australia but very late at night in Scotland, where the Dragon was.  Eight hours later I was told by Alphedia that someone else had bought him shortly before I sent my request and she had then gone to bed, planning to update the online information in the morning (which was evening here).  I was offered the chance to buy the other 4″ red jasper Dragon but its energy just didn’t feel right, so I politely declined. 😥

I was very disappointed as by this time “my” Dragon had already told me his name — Arcadia — even though he was not mine. I hoped that perhaps the person who bought him might reconsider for some reason and that he would then be offered to me, but after quite a few weeks I eventually resigned myself to the idea that Arcadia was gone forever, though I did still wistfully look at his photo occasionally, which I had saved.

I looked at a few other red jasper Dragon skulls in various places online after this but they just didn’t have the same appeal. I’d rather not have one at all than get one that didn’t feel right for me.

Then on 26th June 2015 I saw a red jasper Dragon skull for sale in one of the other Facebook Dragon groups I belong to. This Dragon had informed his keeper, Joanna, that he wanted to move on so that was why, much to her sorrow, she had put him up for sale and was hoping that he could at least stay within the group. There was definitely something special about this Dragon as I felt the same attraction to him as I had felt to Arcadia a few months ago. I noticed that the photos had been posted the day before so, taking into account the time of day here and the 10 hour time difference, I doubted that he would still be available as things tend to move very quickly in this group, but I sent a message to Joanna anyway. She replied saying that yes, he was still available, so I went ahead with the purchase and felt satisfied that finally I had found a suitable red jasper Dragon and that very soon he would be flying home to me. I nicknamed him “Red”. 😀

A few days later (30th June) a random thought suddenly popped into my head that Red’s real name was Arcadia. I wasn’t sure if this was just my imagination or a message from Red himself. It was, after all, the name meant for the previous red jasper Dragon, so I wasn’t sure if it was right to use that name again or not. I thought perhaps I should wait for Red to arrive here first and confirm what his real name is. Then I suddenly had a light bulb moment! Joanna said she was offering Red for the same price that she had paid for him originally (plus postage) so I checked and found that the price was the same as what Arcadia had originally been offered for. I then looked carefully at the old photo I had of Arcadia and compared it with the photo of Red. I noticed tiny little dark markings on Red’s nose and teeth, plus a tiny fault line on his right eyebrow. The older photo of Arcadia was a bit fuzzy in comparison, and was taken from a slightly different angle, but sure enough, there were the same markings, and the shape of the horns also matched!! 😮

(Click image to enlarge)

Feeling very excited about my discovery, I messaged Joanna and asked when and where had she bought him from originally, just to make certain. Another match!!! It’s definitely the same Dragon, and he was letting me know he’s finally on his way home to me after all these months!!! 😀

Arcadia finally arrived on 7th July 2015. I was pleasantly surprised to find he’d been carefully and lovingly wrapped with 3 sprigs of dried lavender taped to his bubble wrap, plus another beautiful little surprise — a  little purple and silver bag containing 4 pieces of polished amethyst and 2 of dalmatian jasper. ❤

Arcadia originally came from Scottish Dragon Wisdom School then went to Joanna & finally to me – photos above by Topaz Drachen

Here’s Arcadia meeting the Clan face-to-face for the first time — I’m sure they’d already been chatting away in the Dragon Realm beforehand, just as Arcadia had spoken to me earlier too. 😉


…and below, now he’s happily settled in…


So, thank you Joanna for listening to Arcadia and allowing him to fly to me, and thank you also for the beautiful gifts he brought with him. 🙂 I’m so happy that Arcadia was destined to be with me after all! ❤ ❤ ❤

One comment on “Arcadia …a flight of destiny!

  1. This story generated a few comments on Facebook…

    Sheri — How awesome ❤

    Dawnmaria — Fab!

    Cheryl — Isn't it wonderful when they do that 🙂 I had a handful of dragons and skulls do something similar ❤

    Joanna — That's just so brilliant Topaz – it would be a lovely story even if I weren't involved in it! As soon as Arcadia arrived I knew he was 'wrong': there was just no connection, even though I tried to make him feel at home in every way I could think of. Then I felt that several of my clan wanted to move, so had a little chat to them, and he was one of them. It was just SO right that you ended up with him (or he with you!) – clearly I just had him on loan, and it has been a useful lesson to me: if a dragon feels 'wrong', don't struggle, let him go.

    Joanna — Btw the lavender comes from my garden – it wasn't dried when it left here!! 😉

    Nicola — Wow !!!! What a story thank you for sharing ️xx

    Topaz — The lavender still had a lovely scent when it arrived here …and maybe it helped keep Arcadia relaxed on his long journey. 😉

    Karen — Wonderful story! Thanks so much for sharing. ❤

    Bella — Beautiful dragon family you have there Topaz!!

    Alphedia — that is amazing!! I remember Joanna buying him, so glad he did his work for her and now has moved over to you!!! He was with me quite a while too because he was one of the ones wanting to hang around so I couldn't put the prices up for ages! What a fab blog post! xxxx

    Joanna — He's def happier where he is now, he never really settled with me. Xx

    Topaz — I'm still amazed at how it all came together! 😀 So glad he decided to come to me as for some reason (unknown to me at the time) I had a lot of trouble accepting that he was gone. I've never had that with any other Dragon skull that I've missed out on before …and now I know why! 😉


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